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Nov 22, 2004
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Rogue River, Oregon
As I have been scrolling through the topics I see time and again the caring concern and heroics of horse people in times of disaster. Katrina has hit us hard but fires and other natural disasters bring out the best in horse people and I always get a little teary-eyed when I hear everyone coming out and doing everything possible for the animals and human beings. I live in an area where we have fires and when one breaks out my phone rings off the hook and the computer goes crazy while the horse community mobilizes to help those in need. I am proud to be a horse person and wanted to take a few moments to thank everyone who unselfishly helps those in need.
I STRONGLY echo your sentiments!
I have to agree. Horse people are the best! I came home from a trip once and had a dozen messages on my phone about a fire at the end of my road and that people were monitering it and if they couldn't get a hold of me they were coming to evacuate my horses! These weren't even close friends! I was so happy that the fire was contained and nobody hurt but I was even happier to know that people are looking out for the animals even when their owners aren't home. After a huge fire in a neighboring community a couple of years ago our community in Williams made a disaster and aide plan. There is now an emergency phone tree that can encompass the whole community and we have drills at least once a year to see how it works. Makes me feel safer! people are the best!
I agree, horse people are the best! They think of the horses AND the people!

Many years ago, a fire broke out in the pasture behind mine. I was, of course, at work.

I received a call from a horse person telling me my horses were already being moved, so dont panic, just come. Of course I did panic, but all was well when I got here! All of my horses were a good safe distance from the fire & all the excitement!

The amazing thing? I didnt know this person and have NO idea how they found where I worked or anything! I never got to meet the caller to even thank her!

Yes, horse people are great!!!!

Kathi, I totally agree. When things get tough -- horse people come through!

Here in Central Oregon our problem isn't with flooding or wind -- it's fire, just like you.

About 10 years ago, a fire was STARTED just south of Bend, Oregon and thousands of acres were burned. Unfortunately dozens of people's homes also were destroyed -- most were on different sized acreages with horses and other animals.

While people evacuted with help, other folks (including ourselves) trucked in with our horse trailers across the "danger line" with permission and hauled horses, donkeys, goats, etc....out. People were walking animals out on foot with their and their animals faces covered with wet rags and we loaded up as fast as we could -- took them to our own properties, unloaded, and then went back for more.......

Our local humane society was actively involved and knew each of us who were taking the animals away, so when the panic died down, we were contacted and in just a few days the animals we took in were reunited with their owners.

There was panic....anxiety....stress.....but in the end there were some amazing reunions and it was heartwarming to see so many animals lovers helping other animal lovers in an emergency.


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