Pretty Pic's of our odd Peacock-(With New Camera! ;)

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Dec 29, 2003
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Palm Beach (Jupiter) Florida
We hadn't before- we've watched him grow, and I was able to get a hold of him earlier today-

I just got a new camera, it's a Panasonic DMZ-TZ4-

A few of these came out really really nice, and it was totally the camera's ability, not Mine!

I call him our Sable Winged Peacock- Sable for short-

Hope you all enjoy!

Me with Sable- Check out that tail!


His Pretty head- This is also my fav Picture as well-


And a neat one of his Back- I Love the detail-

Beautiful pictures! Excellent camera, but you have a good eye, or wouldn't get the pictures. Your peacock is actually a black shoulder blue India. We breed Peafowl and have about six different colors.
Thank you Tony! I knew Someone would know what he was-

We have both here on the farm, this and the normal type, but I Much prefer this look! He's Very Very handsome, and quite the pet too, as you can see!

I don't breed or even Look for peacocks, they just all seem to like my farm and to hang out, and over the years, the one peahen and her trailing chicks turned into a flock of about 6 pea hens, 2 full tailed males, and one kinda puny tailed one-

I get a kick out of them, and it sure bomb proofs my ponies! They have a bad penchant for jumping almost Right onto my kids/horses from the barn roof.

As long as they stay clear of our waters and my barn they are welcome- I have noticed a sever drop in bugs on the farm- Ants, Ticks, etc.

(And I would Love to see pic's of yours in all their colors and types please too!)
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Oh wow he's beautiful. Nice bright colors! Nice pictures.
How pretty!! That's awesome Tony could tell you exactly what kind he is. How many do you have? Do you raise babies? If yes--how long does it take before a male is showing all his splendor?

There's a great children's book about a peacock called "Just Plain Fancy" by Patricia Polacco--my favorite children's author.
Gorgeous!!! I would love to have peacocks when I get my farm (of course having the last name Peacock has nothing to do with it!)

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