Preggy Mare Showing Some Discomfort

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Jun 24, 2004
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My preggy mare who should be due this month is showing discomfort, however I do not believe it is labor pains. She is walking slowly like it hurts a little and she stands in her dry lot where it's a little cooler to stand, where there is alot of mud.

She is eating and drinking just fine. All she is showing is a drop belly and a very little bag. Should I be concerned about this? Is there something I should give her? She started doing this last week but today it's worse. Also she doesn't lay down all day so she isn't in total pain where she just lies around all the time to avoid standing.
I would call your vet and talk to them. Maybe they will want to come out and have a look at her or maybe they won't. Just play it on the safe side.

Good Luck!

When the foals turn to get into position, and it's so late in gestation, some mares do get uncomfortable. I've had a couple who laid down and drolled up onto their backs....I'm thinking, OMG colic !! It can scare the beejeebers outa ya. So, you might call your vet and ask them to check her out and hope this is the reason they give for her demeanor.

I have one who "looks" due in a couple weeks and she's showing some signs of being uncomfortable. Not ready to foal, quite yet.....but, I still get nervous with these signs after 15 just never know for sure. She's getting tired of me looking and feeling every 1/2 hr, too
Check her feet. Give them a hoof picking too. We try to have our late pregnant mares' feet done about 4 weeks before they are due so that it isn't an issue.

She's probably just feeling the extra weight on her legs and feet.


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