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Mar 25, 2004
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Upstate NY
What an emotionally exhausting day. My poor little Duncan has had a low appetite for the last day or so, not finishing his grain and not showing much interest in hay. Noticed some messy diarrhea this morning, and a temp of 102.3. First vet I talked to didn't really want to come see him, said it was likely Potomac Horse Fever and suggested I take him directly to Cornell. Talked to Cornell, and was told that to treat a full-sized horse for PHF, the estimate is $4,000 to $6000.
Because he's a mini, that could go down a bit. But even for them to treat him for one day, which is much less than ideal, and then send him home with a catheter and let me give him the antibiotics myself, would be between $1200 and $1500. I love my horses and would do anything for them, but I just don't have that kind of money right now, especially with gas prices, trying to stock up on wood for winter, etc. I was lucky enough to find a very good vet who agreed to come out to the farm and treat him at home. Duncan started IV antibiotics and banamine today, and had a CBC blood panel and PHF titre done. By 5:30, his temp was down from 102 to 99.1.
Yahoo! The vet still has to come out at least twice more (pray it's not more than that) for follow-up IV antibiotics and banamine. It's still going to cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $900, but at least that's better than the other estimates! I'll try to keep you updated!
OMG, so sorry to here about Duncan
:CryBaby Lots of prayers and hugs coming from Maine!
I am so sorry to hear this. Have the tests confirmed Potomac Fever?

I hope he recovers quickly for you, I know how you must feel, it is hard when they are sick.

Sorry for your troubles. Potomac fever is not something we hear of up here in Ontario Canada.

It sounds promising for his temp to go down though and we'll say a prayer for your little Duncan.
Oh Nikki not Duncan! May I send some healing for him? He and Kinder are very special to me....Deb
I'm so sorry your little guy is unwell. I'll be hoping to hear of his speedy recovery. Hang in there and don't forget to take care of yourself too.
Oh,, I hope he is recovering Sounds Like it you caught it fast.

One year ago yesterday,

Aug 13th last year, my mare Maggie got so sick with that.

The hospital bill was outrageous, but within a week, she came home and

is just FINE now.

Good Luck with your boy. I will keep him in my good thoughts.

Thanks all so much for your healing thoughts and well wishes. Deb, I would love it if you would send some healing our way! He finished his dinner tonight for the first time in a few days, and seems to be feeling better. The diarrhea will be the big hurdle...poor guy has poops that look more like water than manure.

I never knew Potomac Horse Fever was found around here, always thought it was further south, but the vet said they get a few cases every year. Duncan is his first this year.
Vet will be back out at 3pm tomorrow, hopefully will have more good news. The test results to confirm Potomac Horse Fever won't be back until Monday, but vet said all symptoms are classic PHF so best to treat now rather than wait and lose him. CBC results should be in by tomorrow.
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Prayers going out for Duncan. A couple of years ago Becky had something and the only thing that came back was possibly it was potomac. She's fine now and carried Jack [she was pregnant] with no problems. Linda
I sure hope he gets better!! You can give him biosponge for diareah. That will also keep the toxins out of his tummy.
I'm sending prayers and healing thoughts to Duncan! {{{Hugs}}}
Wow, what an up and down day. Duncan was feeling pretty yucky this morning, didn't even touch his grain and had a temp of 101.8. Manure was a little more firm, but still not normal. I just got home and met the vet for his second dose of antibiotics, and he was looking much better; perkier, temp was down to 100.6 with no banamine, and no diarrhea. Yay!!! The vet was really pleased with how well he is doing, and thinks they "may"
only have to come out one more time. My mother in law came out and did some Reiki on him this afternoon, and also gave us a homeopathic remedy to help with the diarrhea, which the vet okay'd. Hopefully he's on the mend! Keep us in your prayers.

Been sending the Reiki also Hon, how is the stately gent today? Archway coconut macaroons are good as well for the getting better phase

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