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Feb 24, 2004
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Western Wisconsin
Here are the 2 pics. Good looking spotted jack..

Gardner's Lil' Rascal


Beautiful Guy!

Who did you buy him from my donkeys name is Gardner's Tilt T.

The breeder was James Gardner of Mo.

Are they related?

Rascal sure is a handsome fellow and so is Tilt. Congratulations to the both of you.

Both of those donkeys are beautiful!

Gotta love those colors and those looooong ears!!
I bought him from a lady in Tennessee. But he came from James Gardner. Your boy is very handsome. I think the spotted ones are so cute.

His daddy was Pride, PLM's EC

His mama was Cricket L.U.A.

He will be 3 yrs old May 6. And he is very loud and vocal. But such a sweet boy. I put the mares in with him today. So we will see what happens.

Thank you again for posting the pics for me. Sorry I have not responded before now but I have been dealing with my son breaking his wrist and he Jr Rodeo's and team ropes so you can imagine how that is going. Not well he is going to be off a horse for about 3 months and he is very down about it. Sooooooooo. But he is doing good so far. If the bones don't slip we will avoid surgery. So keep your fingers crossed they don't slip. they said it was a rare break and it involves the growth plate so it is very touch and go for now.

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