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Apr 16, 2005
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any comments would be appreciated.

This is a 10 yr old 42" gelding. Also, if you can see in the picture would you call him a silver bay? He has a chocolate colour in the base of his mane and I THINK his legs are also the same chocolate.


10 yr old 32" stallion. Don't mind the hairdo..he tossed his head.


And a head shot without the POOF!


Be brutal.
He is simply adorable and I love that little face. Just look at those lovable eyes. I love his little put together body too. I think he's just precious all over.
Do you plan to show him??

He looks like a great lil guy!

Yes, the gelding looks silver bay to me and nicely put together! Nice neck and I just like his over all look!!

You stallion looks sweet too, He looks adorable but I think it is hard to see his conformation in the pic? Not that I can really critique but can give you my opinion!

My eye is drwan more to the gelding!

Both nice horses!!

BUT your horses are much prettier in person!
I thought they were nice befoer but when I saw them today I was even more impressed!

Keep up the good work!!

Your horses looked immaculate today and that is hard work! Especially that white!!!!!!!!!!

I would definitely say your gelding is a silver bay....and very gorgeous! He's nicely put together from what I can see. With a little conditioning would make a nice show gelding! I hate critiquing but I know I'd want everyone to be completely honest with me so here it goes! I think your stallion's head is a bit big for him. His hindquarters are weak and he's a got a bit of a hay belly. I think with conditioning he'd be very nice looking the only thing I could really critique would be the head which isn't nearly bad compared to some I've seen! It actually could just be the way the camera is angled too. In the second picture his head looks a little "boxy"...kinda like an appy head. He looks like he's got a lot of attitude though! Good luck with your boys! Hope this helped and I really hope you don't take this as being mean just as me trying to help out!!
Oh by the way I don't critique but if he were a few feet taller I'd be throwing a saddle on the old boy and loping him around all day long.
eww jen....those are horrible photo's..i can't beleive you'd post THOSE and hope to get an honest critque..lol.. boy those photo's make the stud look atrocious!! (he's much nicer in person and those photo's are terrible for those just looking at the photo's). and even the photo of the gelding is horrible..he's a nice lil gelding.
i not a criticer..


silver bay

i love his head & face

clip a larger bridal path

try a full body clipif it not already..

do some driving or lunging 2 mucel him up

streach his legs


love his face

clip a larger bridal path

try a full body clip

his front feet look kinnda boxish... they need to look more like ur geldings!

maybe sweet his neck??

if you post better pics.. we can help more
Both, IMO are Silver Bays. In view of Boinky's comments about the photos being bad I shall refrain from further comment. Suffice it to say I do not agree with he comments made so far. Bad photos or not, I think the gelding is very underweight and could do with some serious feeding and conditioning.
I just want to say in the first pic of the stallion, I think the angle of the photo (maybe since he tossed his head) makes his head look big, but I don't think so in the second one...

I don't critique...but both are very cute...I love both their coloring...that pic with the "wild" forelock is halarious, looks like me when I wake up in the morning!
Gelding .... Bad photo and underweight, not much else to say as it wouldn't be fair to judge more from the pics.

Stallion .... not a good photo either and wouldn't be fair to judge him fully, but I definitely do not see stallion material and I'd have a farrier attend to his hooves, especially the front ones for correcting.
Don't know if these will help any, probably not with the angle my mother shot them at, but I figured I'd take advantage of having an extra pair of hands.

This is the gelding.


And the stallion. I know his mane is in the way. I already started butchering it so he's not such a poofball and you can actually see his face since about 80% of his forelock is gone too.

[SIZE=14pt]I have been privately blasted for my critiques so I will only say this. They are both silver bay and that is a very cute face. I like the gelding better than the stallion. If you want a true critique of the stallion pm me.[/SIZE]

I absolutely LOVE your gelding, but your stallion should be gelded (or not bred) in my opinion. If you would like a thorough critique of conformation, please PM me.

They look very happy and well cared for!!! What a good mom they have!

Well this is crazy but I didn't get to see the first picture of the gelding. I only saw the stallion there. It didn't load for me at first but now it did.

He is rather thin, the gelding and could use some weight as Fizzy has said. Still very pretty horses though. And it's the stallion that I want to grow to ride! hehe......

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