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Aug 5, 2020
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Windsor (Gainesville) Florida
My 2 year old mini horse is 30 inches and my 9 year old mini donkey is 29 inches. Has anyone had a pony/donkey team? They play together all the time and are inseparable. The donkey was feral 4 months ago when we got him and is the most calm, affectionate and eager to learn jack I have ever dealt with. The pony is still a stallion but has calmed down tremendously since getting the donkey for him. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated!
IDK 🤷🏻‍♀️…. but why not? Anything is possible!!! I say go for it, Sky’s the limit!! 💕💕💕

Good luck and we will NEED to see pics 💕💕
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You know, that is an interesting question. My first thought is why not? Back in history people have used a wide variety of animals to pull and no doubt combined critters as needed to get a job done.

Since I have a mini donkey (Madeline) my one constructive thought concerns walking paces. I walk my minis without a cart and I also walk Madeline. Maddie has a significantly slower walk than my minis, more of a slow amble. It is hard to picture her in tandem with a mini but then, over time with patience and practice, maybe they would adapt to each others pace.

It could be a very fun and satisfying project. I bet they would light up a lot of faces!
Their pace did concern me because when I walk the separately the pony is definitely much faster but together but Yazhi definitely slows way down and Butterscotch does pick up the pace but very slightly. Since neither has ever driven I figured do both together so the don't know any other way.
I read an article many moons ago about a man that had a mammoth jack and a stallion, both of which where used in his breeding programs, that he drove as a pair. It was good advertisement, as it showed his skill and the solid dispositions of his breeding stock. Plus, who could forget seeing them pulling a wagon together.
I have seen normal size horse and mule many many times and have actually seen mini horse and donkey team once a few years ago. It will work, good luck, and post lots of pics.
As of yesterday we rescued Yazhi 1 year ago and he has come a long way! Butterscotch has been here just over 4 months and his ears, tail and eyes tell you exactly how he is feeling. He has gone from being feral for over 8 years to coming and putting his head up for his halter, following me around like a puppy without a lead and laying down for belly rubs.

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