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Ladyluck Farm

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Jan 15, 2023
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Hello! I’m new here. I have four minis. One of them is Charlie, an eight year old gelding. We are learning to drive together and having a grand time! I’m hoping to compete in some driving trials this year with him.
I also enjoy some trick training with my little 29” Daisy- who is more like a pet dog than pony….


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Welcome! I used to live in Central Texas until last year. I'll also be doing driving trials for the first time this year. There is a lot to learn but it is so much fun!
I believe we are friends on Facebook. :)
Howdy! I think I read on another post you are from the Waco area. I’m close to you in Crowley TX, just south of Fort Worth. Have you ever taken your ponies to Cameron Park in Waco? That’s on my list one of these days when I go visit my dad in Belton.

Charlie is so handsome 😍😍
I LOVE my bike! It is so light weight, easy to assemble/disassemble, and really fun to drive! 😍
That's awesome! I have some friends up here who are really big fans of their hyperbikes too. It's not my style, I prefer the easy entry type with a basket. Maybe I just don't trust my current littles enough to be that close to their rear ends! My first mini donkey I did try in a bike and he seemed to be very comfortable.

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