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Jun 20, 2004
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Hi All!!
Im new here...and before this weekend, i havent really worked with miniatures. I own a thoroughbred mare, and the barn were she i keep her board, there are 2 miniature horses(hulk and Meghan)that do not get alot of attention. They were rescued from a breeding facility were Meghan had complications and almost died 3 times due to being bred to stallions that were too large for her to handle the foals before the actual foaling accured. Hulk, a brown and white paint, was probably the result of inbreeding and his back legs are bent slightly towards eachother (nothing gruesome, he just has a slight limp, but it sure duznt effect his personality, he is quite a character)and he has a heart murmur. So over the weekend, i was bored because i had to wait a few hours to get a ride, so i decided to take meghan out and work with her. It was alot of fun. Meghan is normally very very afraid of people due to her past experiences, but by the end of the day, i had her trust and she was nickering every time i was out of sight. I spent about 2 hours with meghan, grooming, lungeing, bathing, etc. But now i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on activities to do with meghan or new things to train her. I have alot of fun working with her but i would like her to learn something new and a have a little fun. I would like our sessions to include more than just grooming and lungeing. I fanyone has any suggestions, please post or email me at [email protected] . I would really like to make a difference in this cute little chestnut pony, and her buddy hulk's, life. Thank you for your time, Sarah
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assuming you have the owners permission to mess with her pony/mini, there are many things you can do with her. Take her on long walks and expose her to everything possible in the line of "scary" stuff so that she is used to seeing and doing things calmly and curiously. Many Minis are led in parades, taught to drive, trained to negoitate obstacles (plywood or plastic laid on the ground) taught voice commands, taught to climb steps up and down, Once the pony is experienced and calm in any situation, she can be taken to schools, nursing homes , camps, churches, and other places that people gather, so you can share the fun!