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Lisa-Ruff N Tuff Minis

That are next door needing a new home. Due to the light snow cover you cant tell how filled it is with manure- this is a in foal mare but not the one that is heavist in foal.

Sorry for the bad pic but she is on the other side of the fence from me. The other one is exactly like her color wise. X husband says they have a team harness for them but not sure how well they drive ..

thanks lisa for posting that. Maybe someone that stops by the forum may be in the market for two good ponies!! I worry about these two
I have listed the basic info on the e-mail list for my local driving club. I hope someone will be looking for just such a pair.

Hmm i left for a couple of hours and when I got home they were gone I dont see them anywhere ? Maybe they were sold I dont know.. I will see if i can find out anything but hey hopefully they are in a good home
Lisa Please let us know what happened to the mares! I really wish they were colser I would have taken them both!


It wasn't me this time I swear... now I am worried and when I get done with this I am calling you... hope you figured out where they went.
I still dont know where they are she has no trailer so someone had to have come and got them maybe the X i am hoping at least he fed them...

odd thing is i heard luke bickering wiht them over the fence (my T/B) and then i went out about 30 min later and they were gone WEIRD

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