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Aug 6, 2008
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Can anyone tell me what their experience or opinion on Orion Vant Light Huttennest, Tuckaway's, and Bond Jocko horses is? I am new to miniatures and recognize these names as being more popular, but would like anyone's honest opinion or personal experiences. Thanks,

Oh gosh - I hope I am not wrong here. If I am somone correct me.

Orion Vant Light Huttennest is the sire to L & D Scout - Even though Orion is a well known Appy stallion - L & D Scout is a black and white pinto. I have a granddaughter to L & D Scout and she is one of my favorite, best producing, mares I have. I have loved every foal she has had bred to different stallions.

I know you did not ask about L & D Scout - but, I think Orion is his sire ( I should have looked at my papers before posting) - anyway that is the only bloodline you mentioned that I own so that is the only one I could help you with.
I have a 5th generation down from Orion. My guy throws straight legs and good conformation and (here's the kicker) it seems in his first two foals that he's passing along an appaloosa gene even though it does not show up on him predominatly. So I really like Orion!

If you've never seen a picture of him you can see him by going to my web page (click on our horses and then on Awesome) and looking at Simply Awesome's pedigree. I have included some pictures of his ancestors.
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