My two boys - Zephyr and Pippin

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Apr 15, 2020
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Hi there my name is Suzy and I am from New Zealand. I live on the West Coast of Auckland in a place called Waitakere.
I have two miniature geldings.
Pippin NZMHA Registered as Thirlmere Pippin, a 1½ year old Cat A Silver Chestnut Blaze.
I met Pippin at 5 days old and have been inseperable ever since he is now 18months.
I bought Zephyr NZMHA Registered as Ridgewood SW Pinata, a Cat B Black and White Appoloosa. I bought Zephyr as a friend for Pippin when he was 1½.
We have done basic training together but we still have so much to learn. My boys are very friendly so much so that they need training in respecting personal space..
Zephyr is quite serious and Pippin is a little goof ball. They love to race each other around the paddock, mainly because they will annoy each so much that one chases the other away.. Zephyr spooks quite easily and Pippin isn't scared of anything.
I do not have children so these boys are my fur babies..

I love reading everbodies suggestions to questions on the forum.. So much experience and knowledge!


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