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Flyin G Farm

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May 3, 2004
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Snohomish, WA
The show premiums for the Pacific Crown 8th Area Classic will be mailed out tomorrow. We can also email it to you, and the website that has a link to a PDF will be up and running by this Sunday ( - which is still under construction at the moment). If you would prefer to have an electronic version of the show premium rather than having it mailed, PLEASE let me know ASAP ([email protected]) so we can save a little postage!

Our show will be May 30th through June 1st...we have heard that a flyer went out with the wrong dates...the dates ARE May 30th through June 1st at the Tacoma Unit in Spanaway, Washington. Our theme will be Redneck Rendevous! We will have a stall decorating contest based on the theme, and our obstacle courses will be done with that theme in mind
We also have a "Show Me The Money" gambler's choice in hand obstacle class open to miniatures and ponies, registered or not. For this class it will be $1 before you enter the ring (no regular class fee is due for this class)...winner takes all! We are also offering Supreme Halter Classes!

We hope that you can join us. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected].


That's great guys!! Woohoo!
My boss was just asking me yesterday how much time off I needed for that show and I told her I didn't know until I got the class list. She'll be happy (well, happIER) now.

Will you be offering Western Country Pleasure classes? The Gambler's Choice sounds like a lot of fun although it would be even better (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) if it was halterless. I so want to try that!

Why YES...we are having western country pleasure
There is an over/under and stakes.

I don't know if we're brave enough for that yet...but it would be very fun...maybe next year??? Or who knows...maybe the judge can give you extra points if you want to do it halterless!


Can't wait!!! I have my work day off for that already! Hope the weather improves by then!!!
Gee, thanks Susanne!
I'm sure that will be, you know, a real attraction for Pacific Crown. *snort* Can I claim Kody is streaking?

I'm sure you'd REALLY get some extra points for that Leia! I actually talked to Vince about it last night...and if you want to try halterless...go for it...I think we can figure out extra points for that...and I'd LOVE to see it done. I'd actually like to see extra points for redneck costumes too

Anyone else prefer an electronic version of the show premium...I'm mailing them today! I also got the word last night that the website is officially up and running!!! Please visit The show premium is available there along with sponsorship/vendor forms and a membership application. We'd love to hear what you all think...if you could take a minute and check it out...we'd appreciate it!

Sorry Tracy, I LIKE my small neat printed premiums!
The website looks great although my work computer blocks the online premium unfortunately. I'll take a look at it tonight when I'm home.

As for going halterless or lettin' Mr. Kody streak, I may just try that! We aren't good enough yet to win halter obstacle any other way and it would sure be fun. I may let him appear in nothing but a few strategic bandannas but I absolutely refuse to pull a Daisy Duke in only a pair of overalls. :DOH!
Redneck, however, I think I can do.

Oh, now I'm getting evil ideas of a whole routine.
Hmm.... *grabs the clicker and scurries away to the barn*

Don't can have your printed premium:)

I can't WAIT to see what you come up's totally meant to be a fun class...yes prize money is always good...but I think it'll be a good way to blow off some steam...hopefully!

Tracy - I assume all of us on show staff will be expected to dress appropritely? If so, you may want to let our esteemed judges know ahead of time.

Mark Bullington
Of course...I've been on the lookout for appropriate things to wear as well
Hopefully everyone will have a good time with it!


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