Owners in Central or Northern IL: any interest in participating in a veterinary study?

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Aug 18, 2003
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Hi LB,

I am currently at the University of Illinois as a graduate veterinarian finishing up a residency in equine medicine and we have a couple of research projects starting that involve minis. I have some people that are interested in contributing samples but would deeply appreciate more!

The first study is to further our understanding of normal ranges for ACTH and possibly other hormones or metabolites in miniature horses in this geographic region, and correlate this with body condition. ACTH is a test that is becoming more frequently used for diagnosis of Equine Cushing's Disease (Pars Pituitary Intermedia Dysfunction). It varies depending on time of year, geographic region and likely by breed as well. We are looking for mature minis, all sexes, ages from 5-15 years old and without concurrent disease. Our plan is to draw blood samples from herds at one time each in September (after Nationals), January, April and July (approximately) to total one year of sampling (4 times that we would come out to pull blood in total). At the same time we would ultrasound in a couple places to check fat depth and associate that with body condition.

The other study is looking at normal pleural (the lining of the lungs) thickness in all horses. I'd like to have minis be part of that 'normal'--or establish a different normal range if I find that they are different. This could be done at the same time as the September sampling--just moving the probe to look at the lungs in a few selected areas.

If the first study goes well (and we receive adequate funding!), we would be interested in a multicenter study where we get information and blood from across the US. At this time we are only doing sampling in IL however.

Participation does not cost anything. If you agree to participate I will have an outline of the study to give to you prior to the sampling. We request that you preferably have a few (or more) minis to sample so as to limit the time we spend traveling from place to place to sample individuals.

If you are interested, you can email me directly at [email protected]


Breanna Sheahan

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