Our last foal for 2008

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Sep 6, 2006
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Went out to feed this evening and checked on our last mare to foal, we've been waiting, and waiting, and wwaaiittttinngg for this baby. We purchased the mare from the Double Diamond sale in April, she was pasture bred and the dates were a little sketchy. She came from Jay Chupps farm and her name is April, she was bred to his Martin Boozer's After Dark stallion.

When I went in her stall to check her bag, as soon as I touched her it was as if her milk let down and she started dripping, I sent my son who was here visiting from Kentucky to get my Mom (as she's been foal watching for about a month), I rushed to pick the stall and freshen the straw, she layed down, got up, layed down got up and from then on everything went like clock work. In about 20 minutes she had delivered a tiny, bay colt. He was ready to get up and eat very quickly. We took care of all the necessary things, he nursed and both seem just fine!!

I'm glad she foaled today as we leave for Nationals tomorrow and I didn't want to leave my parents to deal with a mare that I didn't know any history on as far as foaling goes.

Sarah missed out...she is on her way to Tulsa with the Double Diamond Tack. She had planned a couple of names and is leaning towards

Rosemill's After Dark Jiggalo, "Jiggy" for short!! But that may change when she sees him in two weeks! (Jiggalo is probably misspelled!)

waiting patiently for pics
Congrats!! I know u have to be relieved that she foaled and u were able to be there. Good Luck we are off to Nat. mon am too.
Congratulations on the new foal along with the timely and textbook delivery!
I think it's spelled Gigalo.

Congrats on the baby! I'd love to see see pics!!
Congrats, name is cute
. Im sure its a big relief to have the foal on the ground before leaving for tulsa too
CONGRATULATIONS on your new colt...very cute name! I believe it is spelled Gigolo. I would leave it as Jiggalo and use Jiggy as planned! PICS PLEASE!!!!!!
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