Our first LM's Hawk Rare Treasure foal !

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Aug 24, 2006
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Wonderful Wisconsin
I gotta tell you I need some advice. I have been turning that darn pager off in my sleep. Even if I put it on a table far away from me. HELP!!!!!!

I did it again last night but for some reason I woke up at 0400 (straight up and almost jumped off the couch ) and looked at the camera. And DeeDee was flooding the stall. I woke poor Rick up. (He had a accident at work last Friday and cut off a finger and we spent a quality night in the hospital- where you can NEVER sleep) and I told him I was going down. He looked at me funny and I said if I need someone wake Shawn up. You know you have to have a back up plan just in case-always have a 2nd person.

But this was another text book case (THANK GODNESS) and the filly fairy brought us our first Treasure baby-Treasure is a beautiful sorrel medicine hat Nighthawk son. This little darling girl is a solid silver dapple with a big star. VERY strong and was up immediately and nursing within 1 hour but was trying within 15 minutes. I feel blessed that both little girls born so far have been so strong. And it is COLD up our way. I heated her little blanket a few times for extra warmth.

I will post pictures later today. I am happy for a strong foal and warm foal blankets
Pictures- Pictures!!

Sorry about your husband, did they reattach the finger?

glad all went well. sorry to hear about Rick finger hope he recovers soon.

looking for photos soon
I will be looking forward for pictures. Sorry to hear about your husbands finger hope he recovers soon!
I will have to try again tomorrow for pictures. I took some but they are awful.
And she is a pretty little girl and I want to do her justice

Ricks finger is doing well. We went to the doctor yesterday and he was happy with how it is doing. He basically had it cut off by getting caught between a chain and a plow that was stuck and he was helping out. He was lucky it wasn't his hand or worse.
Ooo congrats on the filly and glad to hear your hub's finger is on the mend. I hope you catch some zzz's!!!

Can't wait for pics.


congrats on your new baby filly! Can't wait to see her!!

*gulp* sorry about the finger.... Yikes!!!!

OK this is a DIFFICULT filly to get pics of. She is a little kicking and bucking machine. If she was a full sized horse I would be scared of her already. I have been watching her and she is constantly kicking at her mom. And taking pics, she wanted NOTHING to do with it, the one with her head tucked she turned and kicked at the broom I was using to catch her attention . One day old and this fiesty. I'll try her again in a week and put them on our website. Expecting the next Treasure foal soon.

So this is Zephyr Woods Special Treasure- although I wonder if I should be naming her Zephyr Woods Bucking Girl



I love the 2nd picture

(She looks so cute.... even if she was contemplating a swift kick
Congrats, she is a VERY pretty girl.....

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