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Vicky Texas

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May 17, 2004
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Southlake Texas
Hello Gang

we got POOP

I wanted to post our story of foal diarrhea, with so many of you battling this to. I wanted to pass on what we have tried. What help and what made it worse. This is the treatment for our baby, I am not saying that any of you who have foals with it, that is the same or the treatment would the same. I am just passing on our story. So if it might help. But please consult your Vets. It has been a very long month for us. But he is finally improving. I am not a Vet, just one happy mom with her baby finally getting better. I do hope this will help some of you. It took the vet doing some test to find it. Our colt was born May 9, 05.

After a month of fighting this mess. We are finally getting real poop. He finally starting showing signs of improvement, last Friday with Cow poop. But last night and today he has real poop. Looks like the new born poop. But I will take it over the diarrhea. Our colt he is not loosing weight. The first visit he weighed in at 42 lbs, and then 2 weeks later he was re-check and more test, and weighs 50 lbs, he gained weight in the 2 weeks.

Our Vet finally took a good stool sample and sent it to the lab. He had a ton of bacteria growing. The good and a lot bad. We did re-do the the stool sample on Sat. And are waiting on the results. Our Vet wanted to find which of the two bad bacteria was causing his problems. Our Vet said he is treating several foals (big and little) with it.

Our Vet tried many things over the last month for him. And our colt did show signs of an ulcer. So he is on Carafate and Cimtidine 200 mg. Our colt is also low protein, and anemic - on Lixotinc SA.

For his bacteria infection in his intestines, the Vet put him on Metronidazole 250 mg. It has taken a week on the Metronidazole to show any improvement. The vet said it would take a week for it to start working. And last night we are showing much improvement. Our foal is also on Kaopectate, 1 oz every 8 hours.

Teatment for our baby.

Carafate is every 12 hours (giving a full month) -- given at 8 am & 8 pm

Cimetidine is every 8 hours (giving a full month)- given 8:30, 4:30, and Midnight

Metronidazole is every 8 hours.

( I give the Metronidazole and Cimetidine sametime)

Lixotinc SA is once a day

Kaopectate is every 8 hours. given 8:30, 4:30, and Midnight

Pediatric Electrolytes, (Pedilyte for babies) I gave 2 oz -- 3 times a day, while he had the diarrhea. To insure he did not dehydrate. given 8:30, 4:30, and Midnight

We have tried Diarsayle, drench, pepto, with no help. The Vet also tried him on Epic Scour Formula (which made him worse)... and Pedia Sorb.

It was not till the Vet started him on the Metronidazole that we have had any improvement. And it took almost a week for it to help.

Once we get the results back from his second poop test, then we will know for sure if this is right antibiotic for him. But right now, he is showing improvement. It has been a long month of fighting this. Long sleepless month. As I was not taking my eyes off him.

Our colt has lots of energy, playful. He is nursing well, nibbling on hay and grain. And has been through this month of diarrhea. He is being kept off the green grass for now, till we get him cleared up. Per the Vet. He is turned out in the AM and PM and stalled during the heat of day under a fan. I keep him in the foaling stall so we can check on him on the foaling camera. We have 2 other babies, and both so far there is no problems. It does not seem to be contagious.

I am surprised at how many farms are fighting this diarrhea this year. We scrub his stall, his walls, his water bucket, etc.. I pull the hay apart checking it, for no junk in it.

I do hope this helps some of you figthing this. I pray no other foals gets it.

If anyone needs more information you can PM or email me.

I'm so glad to hear he's doing better!!!

Do you know where he might have picked up the bacterial infection? I'm just wondering ... I seem to remember last year we had a forum member who's horse picked up a bacterial infection from the drinking water? Anyway, I'm so glad to hear he's better!!!
Well that's some good news! Congrats! I'd be curious to know what type of bacteria the test results show he had. Keep us posted!
We are all totally NUTS!! And I share your joy!! Only a horse owner could get so excited over the many forms of horse doo-doo
That is fantastic! Poor little guy waht a battle for him at such a young age.

Would you please post which bacteria it was and what source the vet may think it came from?

So glad things are looking better and please continue to keep us posted.
Wow, Vicky, am sure glad to hear your little guy is doing better!!! Hope he continues to improve! How tiresome for all of you.

Thanks for the update and the info!

Hi Gang

I will be happy to post what kind of bacteria it is and if the Vet has any ideal's where the heck it came from. He has not been off our place. I keep his stall clean, no others have gotten it. So I am at a loss on this one. So I will let you all know when I do hear from our Vet. I am just excited to see him finally improving.

Yes, I agree I know I am nuts when it comes to the poop. I am sure my family thinks so to. But after scrubbing walls for a month. Puting in new dry dirt when he messes it up, around the clock med's. Which we are still on. I am just excited. I will say I was jumping for sure JOY, when I saw the first sign of it looking close to normal.

Yeah, Vicky!!!

This is GREAT news!!! Yep, this happened to my mare. She came to me with diarrhea which she supposedly did not have when she left her old home. ( I believe that) She must have picked up something on the long journey. Anyways after a YEAR of diarrhea, and trying lots of things, one of the vets suggested Metronidizole, (we didn't test) and in a week so was back to normal and has not had a problem since.

Yooooohoooooooooo for solid poop!

Liz V.
Ain't that just great! Wonderful news and thanks for sharing.

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