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Apr 29, 2005
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Southeast, Colorado
Hi - here are a couple pics of the orphan colt I am raising. He is 1 week old today.



Thanks for all the help you guys have given me on him!!!

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He's one big beautiful baby! No WONDER it took more than one enema to get things going!

I love him, if you get sick of the little guy just send him my way
I'll love on him for you for a while. Give him a great big hug and a kiss for me
[SIZE=14pt]HE is so beautiful!!!! You are doing wonders with him...... So glad you could save him!!![/SIZE]

How does Little Orphan Andy sound for his name - I did like Remington's Legacy - but he isn't registered so need a common simple name - could call him Andy - but than again - don't know - open to suggestions. His sire was registered Doc Bar, Peppy San and Poco Bloodlines - to those of you that know the QH breeds. Remington - mutt - but the best kind of mutt!!!!
He is absolutely gorgeous! You are doing a fabulous job. I love Lil Orphan Andy. It fits him nicely. Give Andy some lovin from us!
Rabbitsfizz - I like that - and the name of the company I work for is Oliver Manufacturing Company - I could call him Twist - I'll let ya know - but thanks - I do likey
He is just so precious!

Sorry that I missed your post earlier on him. I know it is late, but I am so sorry about the loss of your mare. But at least he appears healthy and is obviously working things out without his momma. My hats off to you on your success as his momma now!

I also like the names Oliver Twist and Remington's Legacy. Who cares if he is regestered or not. I personally would give all of my unregistered as well as registered horses fancy names as I think they are all deserve it.

Thanks for sharing pictures of him and please keep us posted on how he does.

He is so cute! You've got your hands full there, but its worth it for sure!
Nickermaker said:
How does Little Orphan Andy sound for his name - I did like Remington's Legacy - but he isn't registered so need a common simple name -  could call him Andy
I think Andy is cute, although I'm not so hot on the full version. It's longer than Remington's Legacy if you're looking for a "common simple name!" But go ahead and call him Andy; I think it fits.

Names aside- oh my God, he's absolutely gorgeous. I fell in love the moment I saw him and I can see why you'd do anything to save him. Besides the fact he's a baby and the offspring of your beloved mare, of course. What a STUNNING animal! Please give him a hug for me.

He is cute and I am glad that he is doing okay.
My goodness, doesn't he have a set of legs!!!!!! It was really nice talking to you and feel free to contact me if you need any help.


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