One of our babies from this year.

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Nov 30, 2002
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This is Rio, she is a half sister to Lark ( Nootka's baby!) She is getting more bay color in and it is very pretty. I am very happy to have had two healthy fillies. I didn't breed Falcon back to anyone but Rio's dam. So if she sells I won't have any babies at all next year! I will have to hug these extra hard! I will post some pics of Fiona if I can get her to stand still.
Thanks for looking.
[SIZE=14pt]A lovely leggy girl![/SIZE]

Very pretty! It is SO HARD to determine which ones to keep in situations like this, isn't it?

Either one of your girls is going to make a beautiful mare and future momma.

See you guys tomorrow for our miniature horse farm tour! Did Hilary tell you to bring CDs? We are tired of ours! Plus I'm having a Nickelback phase right now and maybe you guys don't wanna hear that. Brandon makes us listen to Blue Orchid over and over again. *LOL*

I am glad we are both broke and not bringing a trailer, I am sure we are going to see some beauties, tomorrow.

Liz M.

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