Not just a good news Friday, we need A

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Sep 4, 2003
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Muncie, Indiana
When it rains it pours doesn't it?????

So I thought we may need a Good News Weekend and folks can add to the thread all weekend!!!!!!! Someone elses smile, always brings a smile to my face! And through foal losses and illnesses and injuries and just stupid things that get into your barn lot, we should have a GOOD NEWS WEEKEND!

My mare that cast on Monday is DOING WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

And my Little Miss Prints is more perfect each and every day!
She was already perfect, so she is just getting perfecter! Will have new perfect pictures of her soon.

So what's your good news? We need to know. Many post on needing help with a horse, we want to know they are doing better!!
I just went out to a foal that went "bleurrgh!!" all of a sudden on me today- not nursing, really down. Had the Vet out- gave painkillers I put him on Ranitidine as she did not have any and was a bit wet for a Vet- not much use really, anyway he's really cross about being in and has nursed his Mama dry!!
My good weekend news is just that i am so very happy with my first mini filly this year, Lily. she is so sweet and adorable!

i just adore all my minis! jennifer
My good news weekend would be that all my babies are healthy, happy, fat and sassy...and, I plan on kissing there little furry faces all weekend
ahhhhhh, those cheeks

[SIZE=14pt]My good news will come tomorrow

I dont want to jinx anything today....

Carbon is also at a show this weekend and it would be really nice if she can pull off a grand except she is showing agianst a mare with 900 halter points and doesnt need to show but.... daddy likes to win all the time! lol

ps would be a really really good weekend if on tomorrows ultrasound one of Images twins is just suddenly not there and the other one is growing!

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We finally have a weekend to get caught up on grass, paper work etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The weekend here has started with bad news. My neighbor's (who takes care of my horses while we vacation) sister passed away this afternoon.

Then tomorrow we are invited to another neighbor's son's house for a yearly picnic so we're off to good and bad so far.

Aren't you glad you asked?

Is being on pins and needles a "good" thing???

I've got a sales contract on my place in Florida and will be moving back to Missouri. I just made an offer on a very nice small farm about 6 miles from my daughter. I'll spend the weekend waiting to see if the sellers sign on the dotted line.
Welllll after months of only being able to catch a ride here and there, my friend and I are finally going to get back in the swing of things! She bought another horse a while back, but he is at the trainer (doing very well, I might add!). I will be riding him when he comes home, but until then we get to borrow the trainer's mare! Yeaaaah!

AppyLover2- Not trying to be nosey or anything, but whereabouts in Missouri will you be moving??
My "Good News" is pretty simple. Our house over the past few weeks had gotten messier and messier. I've been worn out when I get home and didn't want to deal with it but we did yesterday and now it is looking good and neat and clean! It got to the point where I felt a lot of stress just looking at the mess! Plus, all our shih-tzu's got baths yesterday. I know this is minor probably, but it's giving me much peace of mind that the house is now presentable again.

MAYBE I'll have good news tomorrow from Erica regarding Destiny. They are going to a show in Peoria, IL. No matter how they place, I know if I could be there watching, I'd be so proud of them!!!

Oh, also, I have ice cream in the freezer, which is always good news!
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My horses all decided to behave and nobody got sick or had colic or anything bad while I went to my 48th high school reunion.(significant other took care of everybody) It was so nice to see everybody and it was just like we were kids again.Hope everyone else has a nice weekend.
We went to the vet today and had our mare ultrasounded, she is in foal to Erica's stallion Bandito for an early summer baby.
She is 5 weeks and 2 days along. It was very neat to watch and see, the vet even printed off one of those pictures for us to have.
My daughter has been carrying it around and we have shown just about everyone. We have put it on the refrigerator in the house for now. Isn't that where all baby pictures go?
This is one breeding my daughter has planned and paid for herself, so this will be her baby, but we are all excited here.
We bought a new filly. Our last weanling colt left Friday and our only filly from this year seemed depressed and lonely so we found her a new playmate. I'll post pictures of our new girl as soon as I take some.
Our good news is that our last foal of the season was born healthy on Friday morning (which is technically the beginning of the weekend.

And also Alliance Piano Man, our weanling leopard colt that we bought from Alliance is being picked up this weekend for the ride home to Florida. Yippee!

Ginny Long
Our new horses are doing great. The little ones in the back yard are getting friendlier by the minute. I can't go out back without one of them wanting some attention. It normally entails lots of rubbing and biting on his part not mine. He loves to be picked up and carried. He is so rotten just like his mother.

On the sad side my vacation is over and I go back to work tomorrow.

I knew it couldn't last forever just wanted it too.

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