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Nov 30, 2002
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Southern, NJ
Does anyone know, lives or has lived in the Shelby, NC and surrounding area? I've lived in NC years ago but it was towards the east coast of the state. I had read in the online Shelby Star where two tornados touched down in that area leaving a line of destruction and barns and homes destroyed becaus eof these storms. I'm hoping to find out how often these typ of storms happen over in that area. saw some real nice property up that way too.
I'm 30 minutes south of Shelby and no its not a common thing for the area. Its very beautiful in the area. We do get the usual thunderstorms etc, but tornadoes haven't been a common thing for the past 2 years that I've been here.

I can't say I really "know" the Shelby area, as I have never lived there. However, I have been there a number of times over the years. (The fairgrounds there have a livestock arena that the local rabbit clubs love to hold shows in.) Shelby is in the piedmont area of our state. While tornadoes are not as common in NC as in the Plains states, we do get our share. They more frequently occur in the coastal plain, rather than the piedmont. On March 28, 1984, we had a spectacular outbreak of tornados, with dozens of them occuring in NC/SC. As best I can recall, they were confined to the coastal plain, well to the east and south of Shelby.
Thank you for your input ladies. Karen, I've heard of the Gaffney, SC area as well..nice area.
Its nice here, not a whole lot of horsey events but they really aren't that far away.

We really like the weather

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