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Aug 30, 2004
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Well saturday night I woke up after watching at 2:00 a.m a terrible storm outside with loads of light work ,strong winds and much thunder and rain only to hear a knock at my door. Neighbour asked if I was missing 2 horses - I looked out to my pasture only to find that the wind blew over their portable garage/shelter and busted part of the fence and saw no boys in there but I did see my momma to be - who still had 2 1/2 weeks to go. And the neighbours wife with a rope around my 2 boys who were found wandering down the highway
good thing it was early morning and there was no traffic going by from people traveling home from the lake. Momma was in a different corral so I knew she was ok.

Well horses first before bug spray and after much bites from the devils I mended the fence and put the boys back into their corral area.
now I will have to fix their shelter and really anchor it down good this time. Sunday was pretty wet as well and after checking momma she looked ok and I moved her from her small corral and barn out to the bigger corral for the night but she still had access to her barn.

Monday morning at 6:20 a.m I went out to move momma back to her small barn area and give her- her hay and treats for the day so I could let my boys out to feed on the grass but momma was no place in sight - then I noticed on the ground in front of the barn her placenta (sp)bag laying there

I heard a weird noise and looked to see momma by the corral rails in the far side then wondered where or what happened to the baby -----
the foal was outside the corral - guess I now had to catch her - yes she is a filly looked like she may have been only a hour or so old - picked her up and put her on the right side of the corral then walked momma with baby back to the barn to dry baby off and to see what the foal was. Sorry for long story but it was a very buisy weekend

Now here is baby I named Bella Blue - Bell for short

The person I bought the pregnant mare from has become over time my best frien and since she lost her last mare and the baby I told her that she could name the new filly .


Oh what a cutie!!

And I'll bet it scared you half to death to find those little boys had been wandering! Good thing miss Bella Blue made here ok!
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Congratulations on your new filly!
She is adorable!
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[SIZE=14pt]What a face!!!![/SIZE]

she sure is a cutie , now I just wonder what she will look like color wise - the stallion /daddy is all black and you can see the momma with her ?? I am very thankfull that I have great neighbours and they brought my wonders home safe and sound as well - now baby makes 4 - no more , now all I have to worrie about is gelding my 1 year old boy - no more babys to stressfull
Wow, sounds like she was a lucky little girl that you were there.

Quite a cute little thing. She looks like "gosh, hope I don't have to do that again!"


What a stressful night....for everyone!!!

Your new filly is adorable...and I think she'll be black like her Daddy.
Whew! I was hoping the outcome to your title would be good but she's wonderful.
l think you were very lucky you were home to find your mare and foal. l work and l would worry with some of my luck that could have happened to me while gone she is a pretty baby.
What a crazy night! But a wonderful foaling......

It's not the first time a mare has chosen to foal on a stormy night/morning.

well it is day 2 with bell and she is doing great , saw her even poop last night, some was nice tiny pucks with a little bit soup in it - hard to tell if Bell went more last night or this morning with the straw and momma walking around .But I let the 2 out in the small corral while I was cleaning and she was just bouncing around. So cute to see and hear her. She did let out 2 sneezes but seems fine and drinks from mom. I was wondering if it is a warm day today - can she be outside for a bit while mom is eating/grazing on the grass ??and if so for how long ??

New owner to a foal this young --- I hope the mosquitos do not bother her to much if she goes out. I have to keep the 2 in the barn for now because I need to take hubby into the city to get his stitches out of his foot - but that is another story alltogether (diabetis related )

At least there was a very good side to the last month or horror.

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