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Aug 8, 2005
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Hello,my name is PJ and Im new to the Mini Donkey world.I am the proud owner of three Jennets.My first Donkey was Annie(13 mos. old) Hubby and I got her on our Anniversary hence the name Annie.She was so lonely and brayed everytime I walked out the door so we went out 2 days later and got her a friend named Kiah.Kiah is 5 years old and has a 7 week old baby that we named Angel.They are the sweetest most lovable little girls.As soon as I figure out the picture process on here I will send some pics.

My first question (of many Im sure) is can you feed too much hay? I feed an Orchard grass/Timothy/Jap mix.Im feeding Kiah 1 cup of sweet feed(12%) twice a day because she is nursing the foal,but I worry about not giving enough hay or too much hay.They are getting one big flake in the morning and one big flake in the evening between the 3 of them.They did have grass in their field but between the 3 of them and no rain it is about gone.Thanks for being here for a very addicted new donkey lover.
Hello and welcome! This is a wonderful place to learn lots (and share pictures
) Last Fall my best friend and I decided to jump into the mini donkey adventure and between the 2 of us we have 4 with 1 on the way

On the hay issue - when I have no pasture I feed each little one 2 fleks a day( am and pm). Some others on here may be able to help you out more on that.

Glad your here!

I just saw your picture under the test page - both girls are adorable!
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from the great woods of northern Wisconsin. I have 9 of the adorable little longears, including my zeedonk,
Zeebo. Donkeys seem to be like my minis , just like a potato chip..cant stop at one. We also have 35 mini horses.
My donkeys are fed free choice hay, so it is always there for them, mine are on a dry lot (our pastures are horrible this year, with no rain!) In winter when they are stalled, I feed them about 2 good flakes in the morning and 1 at night..unless they have some left from morning. I do grain them about 1 cup each ..just to keep them happy
Grain isnt necessary if they are not nursing or in foal, as donkeys are very easy keepers. Donkeys can also develope a cresty neck if given too much grain. Mine also have a mineral and salt lick in there pasture. Hope this helped you a little. Would love to see some pictures of you donkeys. I use photobucket to put the pictures on here ..its really easy, and if I can figure it out, anyone can!!

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