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Dec 24, 2004
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Now that the new year is finlay here what do you have planned for your horses? we plan to exersice and show them more. What are you planning?
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More showing and breeding here!
We plan on learning from our trainer, showing some of our horses and trying to improve our breeding program more.
Most of all just having fun.
You need to remedy that situation there Mini_Luver92!
Where in Kansas is Stilwell? I'm betting we could get you in touch with someone in your area and hook you up with that little one of your dreams.

My friend and I plan on showing her new shetland colt, and then hopefully we can get her shetland mare showing this year too. We also plan on more shows this year.

1-2-05 Happy New Year Everyone! Hmm, plans for the New Year... Well, our black and white mini schnauzer is due to come into season, so we're planning on puppies. We're expecting 9 foals (7 from our double Silver Mane's Pierre Cody grandson -- we're really excited about them). Some of the mares he's bred to are also Silver Mane's Pierre Cody granddaughters or double great-granddaughters, so we're hoping to get some younger, almost pure Cody stuff. And for once, think COLTS! Hoping to finish our Scotch Label son, Roulette, in performance...or rather Jim Curry will finish him. 2004 is a year I'm sooo glad to leave behind. My mom died; Cayenne died, a palomino filly died, just a bad, bad year. My main plans for 2005 are to smile (a lot) be happy (hopefully) and to wish good things -- for the whole world! Happy foaling, breeding, showing and living to you all. Ta, Shirlee
Hoping you a much easier, much less stressful 2005 Shirley!
We plan to be more involved with showing this year as well. I have a filly and colt (in addition to Majestic) that I will show R this year. Then of course another colt and filly in addition to Majestic that I will show A this year.

We also will be incorporating some Arenosa blood into our herd and intensifying the Rowdy line as my Mime daughters - and Rowdy grandaughters are getting old enough to breed now. We will send some mares out this year in order to accomplish this.
Plans for us include more showing and AMHR Nationals this year (i'll be bringing for sure 1 most likely 2 though)

But I think we are going to not breed anymore, we only have 1 brood mare and she is being offer for sale (

So if my mare sells we will possibly be looking for a B mare to show, drive and have fun with!

Very interresting thread!!

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