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Mar 4, 2004
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Ignacio, Colorado
Hi Everyone, I am new to this site and to the world of miniature donkeys. I have been doing lots of reading but haven't bought one "yet". Saturday hubby is taking me to a miniature donkey farm to take a closer look, and learn all I can before I actually buy one. Those little guys are soo cute!! I just know that by the time we leave the farm I'll have one( I hope).

A little about myself... I am married, have 3 grown children, and I will be 40
next week. I was born in Illinois, raised in Iowa, have lived in Missouri, Nevada, Colorado, Florida(for 8 months, too humid) and now am back in Colorado. I love animals and wide open spaces.

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you, and learning all I can about the mini donkeys. Please be patient with me, I"m sure I will have some dumb questions but..... I guess that is the only way to learn.
HI dustyrose! WELCOME from Wisconsin. We are always so happy to hear another has caught donkeyitius. As the old saying cant just have one..well, you will find that to be so true with donkeys also, they are just so irrestible! We raise mini horses and donkeys, and I am just now starting to try for mini hinnies (sire -horse stallion, dam-jenny) we had our first one born this past summer and he is a living doll, we just love him. (pics are posted below of when he was first born and a few weeks ago -playing in the snow) We're a great group of friendly friends on here with a few things in connon, DONKEYS being the main one!!! Ask us whatever questions you might have, we're all here to learn and help each other out. Again GREAT to have you join our group! Corinne
Corrine you are so right, I just know that I'll have to have more than one. I wouldn't want anyone to get lonely
I sorta have this plan...I know my hubby and he is as big a softy when it comes to animals as I am , that's why I asked "him" to take me to the mini donkey farm
Dustyrose, you better take a trailer with you Saturday because you will fall in love and have to have one!

Welcome to the Donkey Forum. Where did you live in Missouri, that is where we live. Actually the only state I have lived in. Bear/Kay
welcome dusty rose.. You will find this a very informative board and very nice people to ask questions and get answers from. if you go to my pics you will see that I have even housebroke these mini donkeys and mini horses
bear, I lived in Cape Girardo, at the very southern tip of Missouri. I have relatives that live in Unionville.

I am hoping to bring at least one home with me

shminifancier, I will be sure to check out the pics. I can tell just by reading the posts here that I will learn a lot and everyone seems so friendly and willing to help.

I just found out yesterday that I was going to the farm and it seems like it has been days already...Come onnn Saturday!!
The donkey guy just called and had to change our meeting to Sunday
But I wanna go right now(whining). But I guess, if I have to, I'll wait til Sunday sooooo, COME ON SUNDAY!!!
Oh no, now you have to wait another day! Well have fun anyway and let us know what you think of them.

I know where both towns are. We have family in the Kirksville area so I am sure you know where that is too. Bear/Kay
bear, I sure do know where kirksville is. Ya, when I go to the farm I think I'll take the back seat out of the jeep just in case
the guy at the farm seems really nice, he has called me 3 times, and said he had some magazines to give me.

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