New Phone Scam? Even Mentioned AMHA!

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Nov 30, 2002
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Marlow, OK
I got an interesting phone call yesterday. Someone called asking if I was a mini breeder and if I was a member of AMHA. Then he said he was working for a vet supply company calling to make me a promotional offer. He went on to say a new kind of insect spray was developed in FL that you only spray on the horses' legs and hooves every 30 days and it creates a vapor barrier 7' high and 7' wide!!
It kills the larva by dehydrating and shredding them. Then he was asking if I had any dogs and cats and said I could use it on them by putting it between their shoulder blades. I let him go on and on, then he started talking about how they would send me 20 of their catalogs with my order, so that I could pass them out to people to spread the word about how good their product is. He said 1 gallon is enough to treat 128 horses. Then he said, "Oh, I forgot to give you a price, didn't I?" Yep. Well, he said it was $98 for the 1 gallon. I didn't say anything, so then he said he was with Great American Products, and how they only use products made in the US, nowhere else. Then he wanted my info so he could send me some of the spray. I told him I wasn't ready to place an order, but could I have his number...then he hung up on me without saying a word.

7' x 7' vapor barrier for $98, huh? And I couldn't even get a phone number to place an order in the future?

I did a search for Great American Products and only found a human supplement, etc store with the name.
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Yes, I've gotten calls like that too - for weed killers for my farm, flyspray for my horses, etc. often they'll say that you signed up for more information and that they are calling you BACK!

It's always some "too good to be true" product....

When I've asked what's in it, they'll tell me that the information that comes with the bottles will have that information, and when I say that I don't buy products blindly without knowing what they are, they'll tell me about a money back guarantee!

I've gotten calls like that..... it is a scam!!! They usually call at 6 AM and say that you signed up for the info, or that you requested it somehow. Here is something funny though.

A woman I know who lives in OH got a call from one of these types of people. They said they were selling "organic wormer" and it was about that same price - something like $100.00 a gallon. So, she orderd 10, 55 gallon drums of it!!!!
She told the guy it had to be delivered by a certain date, and she'd pay them cash when they showed up. He stammered and got off the phone!!!! We all asked her, What if they showed up?? She told us, there is some law where you can change your mind if you order stuff. She would have just told them to take it back, she changed her mind. And if they did NOT take it back she would have called the EPA!!!!
I got a call like that too about a wk ago. The guy seemed very annoyed with me though because I cut him off quickly. I hadn't even listened long enough to realize it was a scam but this sounds like the same thing.
I sure hope that 7' x 7' barrier would be see through or how could the horses see where they were going ROFL.
I got the call too. A couple weeks ago and for some reason I let him go on. Then he is like well how much do u want after all u requested this info. I told him I knew for a fact that I did NOT. He got huffy with me too and I said well u can mail me some info if u want but I will not be buying today and he hung up on me too! They better get a nicer scam artist!!!!
Sounds pretty fishy to me!!

My mom didnt get them same call but she did the same thing she asked if they could send something in the mail or I dont want to do it right now could you call back and the guy called her a a** hole!! All she said was could you send me a thing (that isnt what she said LOL I just cant remember what she said) in the mail and he called her that!!

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This is really a busy fellow! I got the same call about 3 weeks ago. I to let him go on and on about his vapor barrier and when I asked him to mail me some info he said he would just send the product and only charge my credit card when I had used it and let him know I was happy with it!! When I said no credit card number for you, he hung up on me........................ Guy, is having a hard time!! If he is for real
(joke) he must have a warehouse full of vapor barrier spray maybe he should spray himself and give us a break.
We have missed the vapor barrier call from that guy but we always get a couple a year from him selling some crap. If I remember he is located in farmingdale, NY. I think it is on Long Island. Years ago we bought a fence line weed killer ( it would also kill the cattle for 6 weeks- as the label read) . He has the same nasty attitude and sales pitch every time. I don't think any thing he sells is legit and probably most of it EPA has banned.

I like the cod order for 10 drums!!!
I wonder if ANYONE has actually given this jerk their credit card #? Sure hope not!!
He must be getting money from someone, or he wouldn't keep trying. Scary, isn't it? I don't normally listen to telemarketers and never buy from them, but when this guy mentioned AMHA, I decided to listen. Then that vapor barrier just did it for me, LOL. I had to see what off-the-wall stuff he was going to say next!

hairicane said:
I wonder if ANYONE has actually given this jerk  their credit card #? Sure hope not!!

I got a call for that product also, (about a month ago) and I remember he had a deep voice, and was not a quick talker, like the usual telemarketing types... When I told him I was not intrested, he just hung up. that was when I suspected something fishy.
My first thought when I read the 'pitch' was that if it creates a barrier for flys and whatnot so that they dehydrate and die, wouldn't it also dehydrate the horse? I wonder what his answer to that one is.
LOL kashmir! that is EXACTLY what i thought when i read about the dehydration stuff too! lol can't be too good for skin and hair even if it didn't dehydrate the horse internally... lol
I too got this phone call!! But my guy told me he was from Butte Montana, which isn't too far from me. Must have been trying to make me feel more comfortable! I also asked for a pamphlet or something, and he hung up on me too!! He said he had sent me one a few months back and did I remember it?? But wouldn't let me answer that NO I didn't remember it! I told him if I had recieved such information I would have read it front to back as I am very interested in organic stuff. Interesting. I hate it when people get pushy with me! I'm glad I didn't fall for it!
This guy is rude. He called me too last week, and has called 2-3 times in the past. Always rude, hangs up without a word when you decline his "incredible offer".

I got the same call, and recognized his voice and accent as having called several times in years past. When I was young and foolish I bought some sort of product from him, I think, and then they sent double the order, saying that I had ordered it, finally got it all sent back and my money back, too.
That basic scam has been around for a while. I got a call more than a year ago that said they had a wormer just approved and did I want some. I asked about ingredients, testing etc.. After a little conversation with this guy (who had a Bronx accent), I decided he's probably never even seen a horse, much less know what's good or bad for one.

He said I had to order today.He asked what he could do to get me to order today? I said nothing. I won't order without some literature from the company and talk with my vet about it. I said my horses were my life and I wasn't about to order something to give them without thoroughly checking it out. He said there wasn't any "paper" on it left because it had been all used with pervious customers. After this went on for a minute, he hung up on me.

This particularly bothers me because they do mention that they know you have horses, what registry etc. Makes me wonder how they got the info, especially since we're on the national "do not call" list.
Loosing your money is bad enough, but you could lose your horses too!
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