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Dec 17, 2002
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A note to let you all know about a new Miniature Horse TopSite list! I would like to invite anyone with a mini related site to join. Please add any Mini Rescue sites also!

Benefits to you are that having your site listed on the Topsite list will generate a lot of traffic to your site, for free!

Joining is very simple, just click on the link below to view the list, and then use the link on the list that says "Join Topsites". You do not need to have a banner to join, so even if you do not have one, get signed up right away to start generating more traffic to your site!

[SIZE=14pt]Miniature Horse TopSites![/SIZE]

If you need a banner, design and creation of a custom banner just for you is offered by About Time Design for only $10!

THANKS for helping bring together a great list of Mini sites!

We look forward to seeing your site on the list,


About Time Design


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