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Apr 29, 2008
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Troy, North Carolina
We got mini #1 almost 2 weeks ago, 7 months old colt who supposedly had not been handled.

Once we got him off the trailer we noticed a small abcess on his side so out came the clippers. Surprizing but he was good through the whole thing. ( I am waiting on some smaller clippers to come in as all I had were the huge clipmasters)

I am still trying to find info on him but for now he is just a grade mini, I do understand that World Class will hardship register if they meet certain requirments.

Mini #2 ( he needed a buddy) is a yearling golden sorrel fillie she is AMHR and WC registered. ( photo to come later)

I can see these guys can be like potato chips!
Welcome to the world of minis! Make sure have your new boy gelded!
welcome to the mini world ...... congratulations on your new minis
Congrats! Welcome to the mini world! They are so smart and easy to train! You'll love it!!
thanks all

I have a few questions about training. I have experience with big horses and some young ( 3 yr old) ponies along the way, but this is my 1st time with minis and my first time working with yearlings.

right now we are working on ground manners, leading, tieing, grooming, hoof cleaning ect.

I have been told that lunging is not good at this age. I hope when they are old enought to break both to drive and would like to train for obsticle/ trail classes and hunter/jumper ( when they are old enough)

my question is what types of things can I do? Is lunging a no? what about ground driving?

any other activities?

The colt is still unsure of himself so I want to do as much to build confidence as possible. The filly will do almost anything for food! :)
I don't really lunge them until they are yearlings since I have no reason to condition a weanling (don't show them). But since you want to train them for obstacle, start on that. Walk over tarps, teach them to ground tie, anything you can think of, do it!

To train for jumping and cart, I do it when they are two. For jumping, take them over trot poles. Teaches them to pick up their feet. Then when they are almost three, I take them over larger jumps (like 2ft). I've done 1 foot to 1.5 foot jumps with two year olds (like a raised trot pole). I don't do it often, but just teaches them to approach an object to jump instead of shy away. For driving, just ground drive them. Get them use to the equipment and dragging stuff. I don't put them in the cart until they are 3.
I second the comment about starting now to train them for obstacle. The Pinto Association lets yearlings (I don't think there is a lower age limit) show in trail (halter obstacle) and we routinely show yearlings in that class. Include trotting over poles and around cones in your training, plus walking over things, and general de-spooking. Also, I would urge you to get them used to being out of each others sight so that they won't freak out if they have to be separated. Start with very brief separations (just a few seconds) and build up once they realize they will see each other again. They might also appreciate going for walks, especially if you can get a friend to lead one.

Have fun with them!
Yep, AMHR allows yearlings to show in in-hand obstacle and liberty.
And I think AMHA too. So you can start their show career early.

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