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Sounds like we need to clear up some comparisons, of apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

Back in September, I picked up a dog that I'd rehomed in early 2019. He was chipped, the microchip company contacted me, I drove to South Carolina and picked him up. He was in HORRIBLE condition! I live on a very modest income and I was major stressed at how I'd afford his care. Contacted my nearest vet, found out they had something similar to what Walt's Fault is talking about....a Wellness Plan that is paid monthly and covers/includes various standard procedures. It's not insurance. It's a Wellness Plan. They're designed to be a flat fee program that splits the average cost for an animal's care into either a set yearly (which is most economical) or monthly amount. I'd be willing to guess that what it covers varies from vet to vet, based on what are the most common procedures in their area. If you're fortunate enough to have access to several different offices where you are, you might want to check around and see what they offer. Remember, Wellness Plan covers the routine procedures recommended every year.

INSURANCE, on the other hand, is just that. You search for and compare companies just as you would if you were looking for car, homeowners', life or health insurance. What they offer depends on the company. The last time I had a horse insured was in the last century 🤣🤣 and he was my show horse. His insurance was loss-of-life, and had certain requirements that needed to be met if he needed emergency surgery. That included certain minimum care annually by a veterinarian or the policy shouldn't be valid.

Wellness Plans weren't available back then. I did have to consider an emergency care (CareCredit?) plan for Cash, but the vet was able to work out something else for me, Lord bless them.

Both of the above are different that what is covered under a farm or stable insurance plan. It takes research and many calls to find the right plan for an individual's circumstances. The veterinarian offered (Banfield was NOT a good option, in my opinion-too costly) plans seem to offer the most economical and comprehensive coverage. That would be the one I'd consider first if offered near me.20210903_012600.jpg20210903_012520.jpg20210925_184831.jpg
The first two pictures were the night I picked him up. He didn't stop scratching even after a bug bath.😭 The third picture is after about a month on meds and regular baths. I'll post a today picture in a minute.
Here he is today. As you can see, he's still nekkid on his flanks. We've just started another round of antibiotic and anti-fungal as well as antihistamine. Gotta clear up those goopie eyes! He's gained 10 pounds of good hard muscle because he never stops moving. His meds are much MUCH more than his Wellness Plan's annual cost. Guess he and I are stuck with each other forever.😍🤩 My crazy Cashie Baby Boy.😘
Silver City - So glad the wellness plan has given you the opportunity to get this guy the help he needs. He looks like such a sweet dog. And your explanation of the differences in wellness plans and insurance was very good.
Awe! What a sweet boy! You can tell he is sooooo much happier now that he has found you again 💕💕 … he is like, “MOM PLEASE DONT EVER REHOME ME AGAIN! I PROMISE I’ll BE A GOOD BOY!” 💕💕💕🥰
Willow Flats, thank you for the compliment.

Kelly....I think I love ❤️ you!! You're so crazy, and upbeat, and joyful, and.....well, you get the point.😍

HersheyMint, I'll tell Cashie you said he has a pretty smile. He hates, and I mean truly HATES getting wet. Knowing he needs to be pretty and smile for piccies might make bathtime a tiny bit more bearable for him.😉😅
Have you all heard of Equine First Aid? I've been an instructor for the last 10 years. It's not insurance, but several insurance companies give discounts for certification and it's saved me oodles of money with vet care as I've got training to handle emergency situations, know what needs a vet, know what a vet needs to know before we see each other, handling injuries, take vitals, etc, etc... My clients/students report over and over how thankful they are for taking the courses.


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