New home wanted for this special mini!!!

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Dec 1, 2002
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I have a 6 year old gelding that was diagnosed with equine herpes in the spine. It is a viral inflamation that is NOT contageous to any horses. The horse may have been born with the virus it is very rare. Other than that he is very healthy and is too young to be put down.

The symptoms were stumbling and acting "drunk" the horse never had a fever and never was off feed or drinking. The initial treatment was antibiotics, anti-inflamatorys, vitamin E shot, and banamine. The symptoms can flareups ex. where the horse is a little short in the hind end. The treatment requires three days of banamine and predizone. There is no way to tell when they will flareup.

Razz is a 6 yr old pintoloosa, he cannot have weight on his back or pull a cart. He would make a great companion horse, loves and gets along with other minis. He is UTD on all shots, rabies, WN, has current coggins, teeth were just floated last month. He is a real pussy cat, loves kids and lots of treats, hugs!!
Very easy keeper. I have two other minis that I will be showing this summer and I don't want to leave him home, plus I am not giving him the attention he needs with working and trying to get horses ready for showing. He deserves his own person and a big field to eat grass and run, I have a dry lot where they run but he deserves more!

He is located in NC and is FREE. Thanks Chris

I found a home for Razz and he will be going to a town right down the road from me. He will be owned by twin girls who show pintos and wanted a "my little pony" he will be loved and spoiled rotten!! He sure deserves it, thank you to all that inquired!!!
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he sounds wonderful and i sure hope you can find him a great home
Oh gosh, I wish I lived closer, I am in Louisiana. Please keep us posted nd good luck.
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Ill look thru my emails of people wanting pet minis and see if any are near by you. Please let us know when he finds a home. Wishing you all the best!

Sorry for double post

Razz has a new home, thank you for all that inquired about him!!


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