Neverending Saga:Irish Hills and BLP hit the road again

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Oh, these durn painkillers made me forget the story I had wanted to tell you about me and my first encounter with heated seats. It was years ago when I didn't know Libby that well, and she invited me to go on a road trip to Little King to look at a package of horses that was for sale. I get in her little Subaru Outback and off we go. All of a sudden, I feel this warm sensation creeping along my heinie, oh my God! :new_shocked: I look at her and say, "please tell me these are heated seats, because if they aren't I just wet my pants and had no idea!"
: She finally was able to nod yes, but it took a while she was laughing so hard. :eek:
YOU wanted to steal the golf cart!

Well you big mouth that is not stealing and it was just laying there in the middle of no where on the side of the road, sorta. PLUS I was going to give it to you for a present because I am so generous and that's the kind of girl I am ! But you wouldn't stop and you wouldn't stop to look at all that hay and you wouldn't stop when my pepsi was hot either so poo..........

No, the TD is in reference to "airing something out".........but don't go blabbing that! :eek:

I am not exaggerating in no way. My butt was on FIRE! That darn seat was soooooo hot I swear it really HURT and Boss Lady knows it cause she thought it was so funny the way I was trying to raise up my fat can off the seat which is hard when you way 400 pounds, and I was feeling WET!

Hey In Sheryls defense I swear it was not her fault we kept getting lost no way. There were no signs and what little signs there were made no sense! HONEST!

So we on for next week or what? You're buying this time!

:new_rofl: :new_rofl: :new_rofl: :risa8: :risa8: :risa8:
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:new_shocked: :eek: :new_shocked: I read this last night and I'm STILL laughing! :new_rofl:

Marty, thank you!

What an adventure! I loved reading about it :aktion033: :aktion033: .

Now let's see what is TD if it's not touch down
: ? Could it be top dog, or turkey dung or how about turtle dove? :new_rofl: :new_rofl: :new_rofl: :new_rofl: :new_rofl:
:bgrin PLEASE make a video of your next road trip and SELL IT!

BTW...Marty....if you wet yourself on Sheryl's might get a shocking experience. :bgrin

You'll come home to Jerry with hair like bride of Frankenstein after Sheryl tries to electricute ya..... :bgrin

Gosh,,,to be a mouse in the back seat of that truck and hear all your conversations....I bet your both a lot of fun to be around!

Hey, in all seriousness....Marty/ was great to hear you had a great time out seeing the countryside. Marty, it good to see you laugh again...that Sheryl gal is good are you...glad you have each other. Mini buddies are the best! :aktion033:
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