need quick answer, entries close tomorrow

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Sep 27, 2003
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I coulda swore I had another week, jeesh these days are just flying by, and being on mare stare turns them into a blur. LOL

Okay, I have a foundation seal shetland colt I'd like to show in the foundation halter classes, the show has them, so cool... I'd also like to show in multi-color, and liberty, but they only have 'classic' color and liberty classes.

Can I show in foundation halter, and regular classic color and liberty? Or do I have to enter regular classic halter if I want to show in the others?
Are you talking about the Area Five??? I mailed mine in last night...holding my breath that the postmark says the 9th......I had the same problem, so I just wrote down the only color class available for ponies....I don't think they have a seperate class for color and's all classics.....
No, this is one of the Illinois Circuit shows at Lenny's. First time out for this 'little' begger, then hoping to take him to Gordyville in June for the Triple Crown, then *fingers crossed* hopefully Congress. Thanks for the answer though.
I am no expert but I am going to say yes.........

I had a modern pleasure mare that I showed in her two year old modern pleasure class...............yet since they didn't have any other modern pleasure classes, I showed her in the Ammy Modern mares and Multi Color Modern Mares.

I think it works the same for Congress also.........
Thanks, Erica. I mailed my entry today. Even for amatuer I had to enter regular classic. So it will be a fun day, no matter what. I entered him in foundation yearling stallion, amatuer classic stallion, classic multi-colored stallion, and classic liberty! I can't wait. LOL He's a great color for the multi-color class being a little more white than 50/50 sorrel/white... I just hope I can get him groomed well enough (ie: keep him white enough) to do well in that, but he should do really well in liberty, so I'm very excited.

I have him all clipped up, except for having to go out now and do his rear legs, I got tired yesterday it was crazy clipping him. Even after two baths to get rid of the deep down winter grim, I went through FOUR blades. I called Kaykay to moan, and she said she's always found pintos with lots of white to be horrible that way... so I was relieved it wasn't 'just me'... but I quit (he was good, I was just beat) and decided to finish up today, hoping to get some nice pics to post when Bob is home this weekend to help out.

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