Need ideas for salt blcok holders

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Mar 12, 2006
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Suffield, CT
I did a forum search and see that I am not the only one who has minis that can and do remove the metal/wire type salt block holders, but I didn't see what people use instead! My big horse and the mini "herd" each have 50 pound salt blocks in a covered area and that works great, but I need something for my 30" stallion. I put up one of the wire holders yesterday - to replace the one he had just destroyed - and he destroyed this one by this morning! I can't put the salt in his feed bucket either, because to him that is just another toy. It took ages to figure out a way to attach the bucket that he (so far) has not destroyed but it does permit him to dump it over easily. He is otherwise a very sweet and easy-going boy and I want him to have access to salt!!!
I buy the bricks and leave them on the ground--in every stall and run-in shed. Well--they're on the boards supporting the sides in the sheds--just off the ground. I leave them on their hay mats in the stalls. Mine scratched their butts on the holders.
I think it didn't help that it is shedding season. I did notice a huge pile of hair in the stall right under the place where the salt block had been! I think he rubbed his butt and several other body parts on it! I may try the on-the-ground (mat) route. All he can do is smash it to pieces.
What we prefer doing is providing Buckeye loose free choice salt and free choice minerals (with added selenium, we lack selenium in our area) We bought their containers that screw onto the wall - one side filled with the salt and one side filled with the minerals. They are hardy and the horses weren't able to damage them.
Our stalls have rubber mats too, so we just put the salt block on the mat in a corner.
Whatever you do Mary, Don't give anyone who is using a salt block for scratching, a RED ONE! I takes weeks to get out of their coats!
They sell hard plastic ones. They are more, but generally work. I have the wire ones and of course they were broken. So I just hung it up with wire on my fences. Haven't ripped it down yet this year. But my big one is in a feed trough on the ground for the herd. I have a hard time buying and replacing stuff they broke. So I just makeshift it until it will not work ever again.
My husband made wooden holders that look like the plastic holders on the "Farmtek" website.

The holders are just slightly larger than the block so they don't mover the block around in them.

They have been up in the stalls for quite a few years.

He drilled two or three small holes in the bottom for the dampness to drip thru for the ones that are on the board fences outside.

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