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Nov 30, 2002
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I got a nice mare for my niece to ride at an auction last fall..she has been really great with her and kids in general..very pleased with this horse...UNTIL...she foaled.

She was apparently bred when I got her and efforts to find her previous owners hasn`t worked yet. Anyway, she is sooo protective that we cannot get her unless we lasso her!!! I don`t like doing that, want her to come around and I need any and all tips anyone here can offer.

I have tried just standing in the stall to get her used to the idea I am not there to eat her baby...talking to her every time I go down to the barn...offering her I see when I am in there is her butt.

This is why I LOVE my mini`s..these big girls are not my choice!!
You'll probably just have to give her time, she'll probably be very protective of her foal for at least a few days, if not a few weeks. If she was sweet-natured before she foaled, she will probably be sweet again, once her foal is a little bit older and less helpless and vulnerable. [Just give her a little time to be a mommy, and don't invade her space more than necessary for a few days; she's just protecting her foal. If you just got her last fall, she is still doing a little adjusting to her new surroundings, with the foal now its kind of like adjusting to her surroundings all over again.]

Good Luck.
Is this her first foal? Seems many are more protective on the first one. She will come around... just keep taking in the food- perhaps offering HER a treat, but dont mess with the foal. Usually once she knows you are still ok, she will relax and you will be able to mess with the baby and she wont wig out.
You forgot to put pink bows in her mane, that's the problem!
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Natural Horsemanship. Ive used it and it works really well with my 4H mini who we think was abused.

This is the website i use, on the side there are many different topics to look at - Common sense horsemanship

This also goes in to the category of natural horsemanship, i use it alot:

have them like, free lunge around you, it doesn't have to be in a round pen, you can use it in any shape paddock/fenced in area. Stand in the middle and you can use your arm and exrend it and have her w/t/c around you or you can use a plastic bag (i prefer the bag w/ rain b/c hes like a big dog but i just use my arm w/ my 4h mini b/c he responds really eaasily with just body language). hve her go arond you twice then change direction and have her go around the other way twice. Make sure your shoulder is driving her forwards so you have to stand somewhat behind her, like, not directly behind her. Then when she goes around 4 times total stop put wour back to her and your hands in your pockets. and wait. Its helpful if someone is standing outside the arena watching.

good sings: licking lips, putting head down, looking towards you, walking up to you, touching her nose to your shoulder.

Bad signs: bucking/ kicking (which she probally will not do, everythime i have donw this i havn't had this problem), ignoring you, walking off in the other direction. If she doesn't respond then make her go around once more.

If she does respond then turn around and rub her on the forehead. then you can walk off slowly and if she follows you that is really really good, but id she doesn't then don't worry about it.

This tells her that you are incharge, she isn't. After i have done it with my 4h mini i have sen him change, he has had more trust in me. I was the only on who has done i wihth him and when i put his halter on he just stands there but when my mom does it he runs away, see the difference?

Natural horse-man-ship by Pat Parelli is also a really good book to get if you want to go that far.

You can also just bewith her, in the paddock when she is out give her treats, talk to her bt make sure you stay at a comfortable distance for both of you.

She may also turn around when the baby grows older and se doesn't have to be a mom yet.
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Some mares are sweet when bred and witches when not and vice versa. She may be over protective but she may just be one of those mares that are just plain not nice once they have a baby. I know of several "big" horses the owners could not get anywhere near once they foaled but settled down after a month or two. Just always be aware of where she is when you are in the stall. Pay more attention to her than the baby [pretend you are ignoring the baby] that may help also.
When did she foal? If she has just had the baby I would not be jacking around with her or running her in a pen. That will just cause bigger problems.

If this has been on going then try something else.

I raise paint horses and I have some mares that don't mind me being around the foals and I have some that do. Once the new is over they calm right down.

Just taking care of baby.
Thanks Everyone!

I have gotten some good ideas to try out. Her filly will be 2 wks. old on the 10th and we are STILL having issues. I sure hope she is not one that is sweet when IN foal and witchy otherwise...because she has been in foal the whole time we have had her....

Marty..she DID have pink bows in her niece put them in...she lost most of them and we have a new supply on hand, but cannot put them in due to her attitude. When we do get them back in I will send photos!! (I thought of you when she had her hair all done up last summer.
Be a "Dolittle" and talk to her....tell her she is just the most wonderful lady and mum and she's done a fine job...she'll come around in a bit of time.

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