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Feb 3, 2004
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Does anyone use this bit, and if so do you like it?


oops posted wrong pic, this is the right one SORRY

THANKS everyone, I am using a plain ole snaffle now but would like a bit that I could use with her through EVERY stage of training. However I looked closer at the ad and it only comes in 4 1/2". Does anyone have a source for this bit that would be in 3 1/2 or 4"?
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You would not be able to drive AMHA in that as it has a curb action. It is also NOT a driving bit, it is a jointed Pelham, which is a riding bit (and A Horrible one too!!) - you can drive in a Liverpool, which is also a curb action bit, but only on the top, snaffle part- the ring- OH GOSH I will be glad when I get used to these new meds!!!
I think the picture has been changed...because I am seeing a liverpool. If only the rings are used you have a basic snaffle--dressed up to look like the big carriage horses. On an advanced horse and very experienced hands, I can see where a liverpool could give extra lift (as explained to me by a top international driving trainer and competitor of morgans)...but I know I don't have the skill and my horses aren't ready for it either. I use a simple no-pinch snaffle on one of my horses and the other much prefers the mullen mouth driving bit. That said, when I get to where I want to be with my mare (we have a good ways to go!) I think I will want to use more of a french link snaffle--once we are ready to start working on lifting at the shoulder and such and getting more into our dressage work. Again--"advanced" bits are for advanced experience of horse and driver in my opinion. A stonger bit in good hands can be just as good as a gentle bit in bad hands can be bad though...another lesson of time. I admit it...I am fascinated by bits...

Okay--I have rattled on and on....basicly I am saying that if I were you I would go with a non-pinch quality snaffle.
Yes, sneaky beast has changed the picture!! It is still a horrible bit and it's not really a "Liverpool" per se, just a sort of one- they do not usually have a jointed mouthpiece. Whitney I am assuming for some reason you think a jointed mouth is milder?? Not so, a plain Mullen mouth is always softer> You still would only be allowed to use this bit with the AMHA on the top ring- in which case an ordinary snaffle would be better.
There's no such thing as a bit for "every level of training" (that's why bit collections start!) It would be like saying you go ahead and put your First Level horse in a double because you'll need it eventually at FEI.

I think a better question to start with would be: why do you think your current bit isn't working? If you can answer that, then you can analyze what you need from the bit....leverage, whoa, jaw action, salvation, lift, ect ect.
Horses respond to different bits different ways. What works best for one horse at a certain level isn't the best for another horse.

What is wrong with a plain snaffle? AMHA and AMHR require a snaffle type bit, and the majority of horses go fine in them. All of my horses go fine in them, I did have one horse that needed a mullen mouth instead of a broken mouth though.

a plain Mullen mouth is always softer
Absolutely right!!

AMHA does allow liverpools, but AHMR does NOT...

Carriage Driving Essentials has a mullen liverpool (and probably broken as well) in a 3 1/2 inch. With this type of bit, or any other, for that matter, I highly recommend using the mullen-mouth. If you think your horse needs a broken-mouth, try a french is much less severe than a single jointed mouth-piece.
Does your horse need it? And also, not every high-level horse goes in a Liverpool or other more traditional/fancy bit....many go with a snaffle or mullen....

Fascination goes in a Liverpool with a mullen mouth because that is what she likes! She prefers the solid feel of it, and I use a slight bit of curb to tilt the bit to the proper position.

You would very probably be using it on the ring anyway, so...I see no point in using a Liverpool, whether jointed or not.

Good luck...and ultimately, it is the horse that picks the bit they like the best, but there will always be obstacles in training no matter the bit.
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