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May 15, 2008
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Chuckey, TN
I live in East TN and the winters are unreliable to say the least. We go from the single digits one night to the 40's a few days later. So I want to have a blanket ready for my coming 5mo filly. I measured her tonight and right now she is at 31 1/2 so a 32 would fit her now. But I think a 34 would be to big and she won't grow into it by the time the weather changes. I've always had big horses and there are now differents styles of blankets, but not when I had the big guys. So it is kinda confusing me as to which way to go...

So my question is and what I need help with is...what blankets do you guys recommend for a mild winter climate. I don't show and don't plan on so that isn't an issue. It is mainly me wanting it for those really cold nights to help her out. I have a run in shelter for her and her companion goat, but its not like she can go into a stall on those bad nights. So I'm not sure which way to go. So what are your guy's experience with durability and fit and what sites have you gotten blankets from and recommend? I know there are some VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE people here so any help is very welcomed!

Is she clipped? As long as a horse can get out of the wind and wet weather, they should do just fine with their winter coat. If they have been recently clipped or are old or sick, then they may need a blanket, but a blanketed horse should definitely be kept inside out of any wet precipitation.

For a "normal" horse, blanketing them can actually do more harm than good.

That said, I buy Triple L blankets, usually from Ozark Mtn.
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Baydream, I'm not that far from you, I know all about the crazy East TN weather. Have family in Erwin, I'm just on the other side of the mountains in SC Look for something waterproof as you never know what precip you'll get, Triple L's to my knowledge aren't waterproof, my mare was excellent at getting them off. Look for a lightweight as well as a medium weight, if its super duper cold you can always layer them. I have an Amigo, got it on ebay for a song, nice sheet, lightweight yet warm enough but enough to keep the water/snow etc off. I also have a Polar Shield blanket, its my heavy weight, its 300g of fill, and I have a weatherbeeta Landa, I use this one the most, its 220g of fill all are waterproof fit wtih buckles not velcro.

Thanks you guys

She was clipped about 3 months ago and her hair is already grown out to longer than a summer coat. The main reason I want a blanket is it gets cold and wet here in the winter. I would hate for her to get wet and then the temp drop and her get sick. She has adequate shelter from the wind and rain, but she is a water baby and loves to play in it and get drenched.

She won't be clipped again until next year in summer if she doesn't shed out fast enough. This year with her foal coat it didn't but both her sire and dam shed out nice. So we can hope.

So I will look for a light weight blanket that has a liner that can be added if needed. I was looking at a few of those but wasn't sure about the durability. She is a rambunctious filly and loves to play so I was a tad worried. But even if something does happen to it she'll get another one.
I will agree with a previous poster though we do have blankets here we have never(knock on wood ) needed them and our winters get bitter. I have an equine specialist vet and his comment on blanketing was if the horse is healthy and has a winter coat a blanket can be more problem than helpful. In your winter I would think a better purchase would be a piece of canvas or tarp that can be put on the front of part of the run in then she really can get completely out of the wind/weather. A healthy horse does better without them. Only sickly or aged minis really need them it just makes us as owners feel better. lol JMO
Trust me, when it gets cold and wet enough, she'll know when she needs to take shelter and she'll do it.
I live in Virginia and have had minis (and mini foals) for 10 years. I have not ever used a winter blanket on one and think it's usually not a good idea to blanket when you live where the climate is similar to ours (and even when it's a lot colder). If you have adequate shelter, that really is all she will need. Minis grow very, very well insulted winter coats and do very well even in much more extreme climates than TN and VA.

The most important winter tip in my opinion is to be sure she has a source of heated water. Just breaking ice is often not enough. Some horses will not drink water if it is close to freezing cold. We use these really great to have 16 gallon heated "muck bucket" style containers in each paddock during the winter. I love those things! If a horse doesn't drink enough water (which happens often when the water temp is painfully cold) they can become impacted and colic.

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