need a refresher course on proper driving attire

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Dec 1, 2003
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Orono, MN
Of course I was there last year, but somehow it is all a blur again. I just remember much fancier clothing than regular shows and that there was a difference in night and day classes and between Pleasure Driving and Country Pleasure classes.

I have show clothes that I won't be able to wear at that point because everything is pretty fitted and I need to look for MATERNITY show clothes.

Figuring out what to wear when not pregnant was hard enough. I need a refresher course as I don't want to make any mistakes and waste money on stuff that will never be worn.
Pleasure Driving is alot more fancier than Country Pleasure so dress up for it!

All the open and youth driving classes are in the evening so its more dress attire. For the ladies dresses, men suits. No strapless dresses ladies!
No strapless dresses ladies
OMG you have no idea LOLOLOLOLOL. I CANNOT imagine sitting in a bouncy cart, steering through traffic without worrying about me "spare tires" flipping out of the dress LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Personally, tradition to me is not a HUGE amount of sparkle/glitz even in pleasure, and if you do ONLY at night. I like conservative (always pants, the first time you have to bail in a dress will re-inforce that
). I wear dark slacks or at least a "moveable" skirt and a nice blouse or jacket. My "evening" jacket is a mucho expensive sequined "bolero" jacket that is stunning but not loud. Wore it at the "Worlds" in Louisville to much compliments. But again, just my preference to have pants..honest..had to bail in a dress and had the words "always have on clean underwear Kimmy in case you are in an accident" never occured to me that my mom meant the DRIVING HORSES accident LOLOL.

Things I hate..bare midriffs...grrr.... I just FREAK when I see that.
Daytime, very much like what you were wearing at Albert Lea (looked GREAT)

Evenings, glitz & glitter. A fancy hat that compliments your outfit is good.

Yup, they banned strapless a few years ago because of the side show that was created by someone. Cannot imagine anyone driving that way unless they were an exhibitionist to begin I'm not sure it was intentional or not

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