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Nov 30, 2002
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I recently was given the opportunity to help some animals. It felt to good to help in my heart, it prompted this little poem.


If I could have a wish

I'd wish for a million acres

and at the public livestock auctions

there would be no mean takers

And all the horses

and donkeys and mules

would be on this land

where nothing is cruel

There would be a open barn

for shelter from the cold and rain

and a clean flowing stream

flowing through this land again and again

There would be beautiful grass

to graze on all day

and in the winter

it would be bailed into hay

and all these animals

would never go without

the attention they deserve

and love would never be in doubt

All the people would be gentle

and would never raise a mean hand

no not on my million acres

there would be nothing horrible on this land

No whips allowed

no chains at all

nothing to hurt

and no one locked up in a filthy stall

and when another poor animal

needed a place to stay

abandoned or starved

we would say "come this way"

and no animal would ever be turned down

there would always be room

no one saying "go away we are full up"

there would be no doom

and if you needed medicine

there would be a great supply

for anything that hurts you

your legs, your back, your eyes

Now that's a mighty big wish I have

If I could fufill it I would

but if every one just helped a little with what they had

and shared whatever they could

It would be better than having nothing to offer

and saying "no, don't bother me"

maybe you have a little place you can spare

with a little fence somewhere under a tree

And it wouldn't take so much

if people would just open their hearts

and make room for some helpless creature

and try to give him a new start

It's not that much more to spare a bit

just a handful of grain sometimes will do

and a bucket of clean fresh water to drink

and a shelter or a tiny lean-tu

But if you sit back and let others do it all

and turn your back on helping out

there will too many animals that won't be saved

and too many left in doubt

So the next time you get a chance

to help an animal in need

think twice before you ignore it all

it will lift your heart to do a good deed

Marty Garrison
KK please take this for Chance's Website if you want it.
[SIZE=14pt]I know some who I bet think they are already on that million acres, probably couldn't imagine heaven being any better...... no more sun scalding, belly rumbling or gnawing hunger.....mental or physical.[/SIZE]

"Come this way" I LOVE it, thank you Marty
What a beautiful poem Marty, thank for sharing it with us!

Do you mind if I print it for myself?and do you mind if I share it with others, your name as author included, of course!
Help yourself I would be very please that you even think it's good enough

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