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Jun 30, 2005
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I was out two nights ago & took some pictures with him. I was all alone so the whole body shot is real bad but excuse that.

The next two pictures are of his back, if you look he has a lot of white hairs mixed in with the edges. I dont know much about roaning, but could this be that? He wasnt born like this, his markings were very deffined for the first year & a half.



Oh & these are the pretty flowers he decided to flatten.


Feel free to give your opinion. I like to here what others think. Good or bad. Hes a gelding for a reason.
But I still love him, even if he isnt "perfect"

I have seen that type of marking / roaning on many pintos. I even have a bay filly who's solid color except for a wide blaze and she is blue eyed. Her dam is pinto. My filly has a roany patch on her lower leg, kind of a blueish color. I think that you are seeing sabino roan on your gelding, who looks like a good boy to me!

Additionally, it looks like your guy is dun, too... Maybe he's a red dun sabino pinto? That dorsal stripe is so defined on his color. I like any horse that much better with a stripe!
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Hey Lorna,

First of all he is a cute little guy! He's nice to look at and he has alot of flash to catch your eye.

I think that the roaning you are seeing is not "true" roan, BUT instead, it is the sabino pinto pattern at work. See that blaze? That also looks very sabino to me. And the sabino pattern can cause roany patches and speckling at the edges of the pinto pattern. It's a very pretty addition to his tobiano pinto pattern which he already has.

Also, he has a distinct dorsal stripe on the colored areas of his back. This tells me that he has some type of dun factor. So with his coloring, I'd probably call him a claybank dun. This means that his base color is sorrel plus dun.

JUST FYI: In case you may not know: most types of ornamental colorful flowers are very poisonous to horses. I don't know if you were aware but I'd hate for him to get sick on those flowers if he had access to eat them.

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