My poor dog!

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Abby P

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Nov 29, 2020
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New England
Took my dog in today for a dental and they found fractured molars on both sides and a whole bunch of loose/infected teeth. We had NO idea this was happening, he didn't have any symptoms other than bad breath which we attributed to tartar buildup. Total of 12 or 13 teeth extracted (mostly the tiny front ones, but three big ones on each side in the back). He was never a dog that liked to chew and would never chew anything but softer stuff like lamb ears. Now we're wondering whether he might have broken them as a young dog, he was housed in a small kennel with his brother before the rescue got him and maybe they did a lot of mouth-fencing? Anyway, he should be fine, I just feel sorry for him! And for my wallet! 🤣
Oh, Abby! Good for you for taking him in for dental work!

He must feel such enormous relief. 🤗

I think we all can identify with your wallet pain! Those of us with animals spend our money on some weird “presents”: dental work, corrective foot work, 50# bags of things like beet pulp.....🤣

Hope you both have a Happy Christmas!
Yep, it was $1600 all in, including the meds and everything. That's a lotta potatoes! 🤣 He's still pretty wobbly and has a mouth full of stitches so he'll be uncomfortable for a few days I'm sure, but I saw what they took out and it's good it's gone. So, ultimately a good Christmas present for him, although I don't think he feels that way at the moment.

Theory of the mouth-fencing is blown - the dental tech said there was no way the worst one had been there for much more than a year max (which is a relief, since I didn't like the thought of him having suffered all that time). She told me her dog broke a tooth on an ice cube so :rolleyes:. Could have been anything!

Anyway, at least it's done now, and thank you all for the well-wishes! I'm sure he'll perk up pretty fast. :)
When I had my little dog Buddy for a dental, the vet called me to come and get him as he was awake. Then he said he had pulled three teeth! It shocked me, as though I had been told my children had had to have teeth pulled. I did not realize it is very common for dogs to lose teeth. I sort of brooded on it a couple of days. I had never had a dog that needed teeth pulled before.
Hope your guy recovers quickly and enjoys his food again.
I'm glad your pup is on the mend. One thing most people don't think of when getting a dog, the smaller the dog the more likely they will have teeth issues, especially those with short noses. Even with the best of care. That cute little dog with that cute little nose has the same number of teeth crammed in there as that big dog.
Every time my husband made popcorn he would toss some while he ate it to a little dog we had for 14 years. Our dog's teeth got really bad and I kept thinking popcorn hulls stuck between his teeth probably didn't help matters! He doesn't do that with the two we have now. 😊
Ha, yeah, they said all the little teeth in front had the bone loss from infection resulting from stuff getting jammed down between them. No popcorn, but who-knows-what.

I had a cat who loved popcorn. It used to crack my friends up, they couldn't believe it. He'd catch it like a dog and then run away to crunch it up. Died at 18 with all his teeth so it didn't seem to do him any harm. 🤣
Our old, large house cat needed several teeth extracted last year, hasn't slowed him down, actually he's rather chunky for missing 6 or 8 teeth.
I know what you mean about feeling sorry for them; but if there was any pain associated with the teeth, now that they are gone, he should be a happy camper again.
[I typed this up, yesterday, shortly after the original post, and I forgot to hit "post reply", I came back today, and my paragraphs were still here waiting for me.]
It`s possible that different things could have happened in the kennel, he could have really damaged his teeth during that period. Be vigilant about what your pet chews, it could lead to an open jaw fracture=(
It`s possible that different things could have happened in the kennel, he could have really damaged his teeth during that period. Be vigilant about what your pet chews, it could lead to an open jaw fracture=(
With a fractured jaw can be symptoms of head trauma or various severe head injuries, pay attention to this. Your vet might have suggested a special diet after the operation, but make sure your dog doesn't chew anything. Then when he gets well I`d advise gently working on his jaw, for example my dog loves a rubber silicone spiked dog ball. Don`t give him ropes or frisbees.
It's been a long time but I want to say that dogs are so good at hiding discomfort. It's surprising how many teeth issues can go unnoticed. But you're a responsible fur parent, and you got it sorted! 12 or 13 teeth, that's quite a dental adventure!
The mouth-fencing theory sounds plausible; those early experiences can sometimes leave lasting impacts. The good news is he's on the mend now, and he'll probably feel much better without those problem teeth. As for the wallet, yeah, vet bills can be a surprise! 😅
Hello @roxcntrum, I couldn't agree more—our furry friends are indeed quite adept at hiding any discomfort they might be feeling. It's like they have this intrinsic desire not to worry us, which makes it all the more important for us to be attentive and proactive. Dental issues can certainly fly under the radar, especially if your dog isn't showing obvious signs of distress.

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