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Flyin G Farm

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May 3, 2004
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Snohomish, WA
I had been shopping around for a while to find a new mare....and I ended up buying 3!!!
And really, none of them are what I had anticipated buying when I first set out to look...but I am nonetheless very happy with my purchases.

First, is Dusty Lane Commander Majorette. "Pudge" is coming from Jean_B at Dusty Lane Miniatures in WI. She is a daughter of NFC Rowdys Commander, a Rowdy son, and also a grandson of Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King! Pudge's dam is a granddaughter of Dell Tera's Lord of the Isles, and was a member of the Reserve National Champion Produce of Dam in 1996. Pudge has also been exposed to Jean's 50% Gold Melody Boy stallion, AF Midnight Sun. We had been looking for a bit taller...and she is not even close to the range we generally like....but I just couldn’t stop going to Jean's website to check her out...and couldn't stop talking about I think my husband got tired of hearing about her constantly and told me just to buy her! So here is Pudge...all 28" of her....thanks Jean!!!


Then of course after I had decided to buy Pudge....I had an opportunity to buy 2 mares from Renee at Lucky Hart Ranch...and of course both are beautiful....and as an added bonus, both have been out in the pasture with Little Kings Buckeroo God since June!!! So how could I pass them up! I won't be getting them until early October...but I am pretty excited. I don't have fantastic pictures of them yet...but her are just some out in the pasture pictures.

Dusty Lane Vegas Dance Line (she was bred by Jean_B also!), is a daughter of Hilltops Little Vegas, a son of Iowa's Little Kernel. She is out of Reserve National Champion Rowbuck Robbie, who is a daughter of Buckeroo's Little Rascal and Lucky Hart's Rowdy Reb's Rockn Robin (both of which have their HOF).

Here she is:


Lucky Hart's Robbianna is a daughter of Lucky "C" Farms Robby, a beautiful palomino grandson of Gold Melody Boy. Robbianna's dam is a Mitasunke Huka granddaughter. Not a fabulous picture of Robbianna (and Renee will probably shoot me for posting it!).....but she still makes me say wow!

Here is Robbianna:


I'd like to thank both Jean at Dusty Lane and Renee at Lucky Hart for being so wonderful to work with!!!

Thanks for letting me share.

COngrats on your new horses I am still jealous of your george filly from this year
Thanks Lisa:) I REALLY like my George filly also...she's a DEFINITE keeper
I think she's going to be quite a show driving as well as halter....I have a farm out here wanting to do a partnership on they must think she's as special as I do! So I'm really looking forward to having a couple more George foals next year!

What beautiful horses! Congratulations. Pudge is JUST what I'd be looking for if I had the money to be looking, and wow, those two other mare bred to one of my favorite stallions...
You must be in horsie heaven right now.
Congrats on your mares!!!!!!!! That's the way it goes start out looking for one and almost ALWAYS come home with more!
CONGRATS! They are beautiful!

Can't WAIT to see if those mares have Buckeroo God babies!! That will be a very nice present!

Good luck with them!!

Those are all very beautiful mares, you should be very proud!
Oh congratulation! They are all beautiful... :)

Ginny Long
[SIZE=14pt]Wow Three beauties!!! Congradulations![/SIZE]

"CONGRATULATIONS!" on three very beautiful mares!!

WOW!!! Talk about "Christmas in July!!"

It is going to be fun to see the foals in '06!!

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