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Oct 31, 2004
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Quebec, Canada
I was told to register her as a red roan appaloosa. She has the mottlinga round her eyes her breeder tells me and the striped hoof. her dam is a red varnish appaloosa, her sire is sorrel, but could be really a silver bay. Here is a picture of Sky.


What do you think?

She was born a bay. Her dam is a whitish colour with sorrel in her and lots of appy characteristics. Thanks!

She is arriving tommorow. Can't wait.
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Does she have any roaning? If not, I would just register her as having Appy characteristics, then later on you can change it if she does color out.
I'll know more tommorow when she arrives. Her breeder says she got really light as she was born bay. From looking at the photo not knowing her background what colour would you say she was?
At the moment she looks bay, but you should probably wait to see her in person before judging her color.

Check and see if she has any mottling, in her mouth, over her nose, or under her tail. If she has, then I would register her as an app.
her dam is a red varnish appaloosa, her sire is sorrel, but could be really a silver bay
Well, I see bay, as she definately has the black-tipped ears. One of her parents has to be carrying the agouti, so it might very well be, that the sire is actually a silver bay.

I would hold off too; on deciding what colour she is (appy-wise) until you actually see her yourself. As she's been clipped, the colour coming in now, might show something interesting, if she is going to varnish on you.

Colour on papers can always be is something I have to do too, as one of my mares was registered as a bay... but she never was. She is actually a dun; hads the double-coloured mane and tail, full dorsal stripe, and leg-barring. To make it even "worse", she has also varnished-out, and is now beige with black points.
She is registered as a black appaloosa so should I register her as a bay appaloosa, red roan appaloosa, or what? She definatly is not going to be black. I know I can always change the papers when I transfer her papers from Temporary to Permanent. If she shows no appy characteristics then I will just register her as bay, red roan, etc. What do u think?

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