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Sep 14, 2003
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Here is Dent Rafael a 4 y/o 33.5" Stallion. Excuse the thickness of him, even though he is just on Grass and a litttle Alfalafa he is still a bit thick. Lol. It doesn't help that he has been just a pasture pet for over a year. Which will be worked with soon though lol. Need to get him in shape and start driving him soon lol. Anyways, is it me or are his heels short. I feel they are as he usually has more heel then this. Unforutantly though his hooves had been neglected for a while and he ended up growing out more toe and collapsing his heels, which has been a pain in the rear to try and fix. Eek I am babbling on again sorry
ANyways here are the pics


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