My first winter with donkeys!

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Dec 1, 2002
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This is my first winter with my donkeys. They are both weanlings and have some very loooong ears.

I am wondering if they need any special care during these cold days and nights?

They have a 3-sided shelter and can also go into a 12 x 20 stall along with my mini weanlings.

Should I be closing them in a stall or will they be okay in this type of situation?

I certainly don't want those ears to freeze!!

Thanks for any help!
My donkeys get stalled at night. Donkeys dont seem to have the high tolerance of the cold weather like the horses do . When it gets a litter colder then what they "seem" to like...they will stand at the door and bray until someone lets them in! I also do know of a donkey that has frozen his ears 1/2 of the way off due to the cold, and he did have a shelter. I am sure others leave theres out, but I dont. Corinne
I think you should knit them ear warmers for Christmas
When I had mine as a baby I did sorry about his ears but he made it ok but did stay in my heds a lot during the very cold weather..But lately we have had should nice winters compared to what we could get..And now this winter is turning out to be a mild one again so far, But then Jan. is the worst month...Those ears do fuzz up quite well, but I did worry..
rabbitsfizz, I love it: "I think you should knit them ear warmers for Christmas!"

NOW, If I just knew how to knit!!!!

These 2 little boys, Jakob and Jonah are so adorable and sweet, I surely would hate to have them freeze those gorgeous looooooong ears!!

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