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Jul 17, 2005
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Here are pictures of my first miniature horse. His name is Spider and he is a sorrel yearling gelding. I plan on using him in 4-H and taking him to miniature horse shows.

I know it is difficult to tell from these pictures as the angle of the photos is not good, and he is in full coat...but I would like to hear any opinions you have of him. I have been wondering if he was a good choice as a show gelding or not. Will he be compeitive at 4-H and local mini shows?

I'm taking Spider home in the fall after we build a suitable enclosure and shelter and I can't wait!

**hopefully the pics works!



He is very cute. You are right though, you can't tell much about his true show quality without seeing better pictures. No matter what you could train him for jumping, obstical and driving. He can be your best isn't about the ribbons it is about the bond between a girl and her horse!
What a pretty Sorrel..and a kind face..listen you can compete fine in 4-H! (Lots of grade type big horses even do..)

my Buddy isn't the refined Arab type minin you see at AMHA shows, but he's wonderful (when he's not being a brat) and we are showing him at our county fair 4-H show.Aug 6th to 12th !

He will be in Fit and SHow (NOT halter , you're judges on how you turn out yourself and the horse, and how well you show him)

Trail (fun)

Patterns (never did it:)

costume a realy fun one..

So go and have a ball! Why the heck do we have horse if it has to be all serious and stressful!(I can say that because mine aren't registered, really wish I could go to AMHA show, don't flame me)

And the local shows are wonderful for experience, so again you go for it..Maxine
Congratulations on your first mini!!! Sure, you can show him. Performance classes, showmanship, and all those classes the others suggested. Just love him and have a ball!!!
What a great little guy you've found!!!

I think you two will do alot of winning and learning and growing together.

Congratulations! Please do show us your "before" and "after" pictures when you get him into show shape! I'll be anxious to hear updates on you two.
Thanks for all your compliments on him! I'm sure Spider is blushing in his paddock right now
I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on him as we start our journey together, I plan to keep him forever. I won't be showing him until next show season and I'll be sure to send pictures!

I'll be taking some better pictures of Spider later with him set up squarely and a better angle.

I've learned a lot about minis just by reading this forum!

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