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Jul 24, 2005
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[SIZE=14pt]Hi yall!!I havnt been on here in a while but just wanted to let u know I will be going into my first mini show with my gelding Roy!
!I cant wait!!It is the dunville on the 28!!Who is all gonna be there??He has been showed before but not by me. I am very excited and almost prepared!!My cousin has helped me out alot (thanks) but I was just wondering if any one else has any pointers or advice?It would be apreciated greatly!! Thanks a bunch!!!
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Hello I am going to that show with my 4-H club. My name is Nicole and I will be showing a buckskin mare, a grey gelding and a bay and white stallion. Good luck and look forward to seeing you there. Who are you showing?

Check out my website for some training tips and an over view of all the classes. Feel free to e-mail me with any further questions.

Good luck at your show!
The best advice I can give you is go to your show & have a great time, have fun!!

Enjoy the whole experience....... good luck and remember it's all about the fun!!

Have fun!!

Let us know how you did....of course we want to see pictures!

WEll everyone else said have the show make sure you have some time to rest, because after all the worry leaves and the relief sets in you will relize how tired you are!
LOL i will Definetly have fun!!I will be showing one ritz-c-kid or Roy!!I know you Nicole I have seen you show before and I love the lil buckskin mare ur showing.Have fun every one else adn thanks for the advise!!
For a first time shower my best advice is to breath and relax. If you are breathing you can't tense up your body which transmits to your horse. You would be extremely lucky to get grand champion so just go to learn, have fun and hone your skills. Good Luck
All I can add is to prepare your guy ahead of time. Practice at home a little. Bathe and clip him at home. Do his feet ...etc.... Then when you get to the show all you have to do is worry about the last minute stuff on him. Then, you can relax more at the show and watch, visit, and learn!

Oh, and on your day of showing? Keep an ear open for when the classes are and how fast they are moving. This will give you an idea of when you want to pull your little guy out and start preparing him for the last minute "primping". Depending on how organized you are and how large the previous classes to you are, you may need to pull him out 2 to 3 classes prior to your's and start getting ready.......Just a little pointer.

It all comes down to timing at the end. You don't want to feel rushed, but if you pull him out too early to get him ready -- then you'll be standing around with him getting bored and irritated, which can backfire on you too. Just watch some of the more experienced people who regularly show and see how they schedule things.

You should do great. Above all -- use this show to learn.....and then just enjoy.

Have Fun - can't wait to hear how you do.

Good luck at the show. I have only shown once. Not with my horses but i am going to show them on the 20th. The best advice I can give you is to smile and have fun!
Hi Tristyn

I am glad I could help you out

But before you go, I will watch a couple classes with you and just point out a couple things and you should be set!

How about you post some of the pictures we took the other day?? If you dont know how to post them..send em over to me, and I will post em. I gave Roy a show makeover the other day to show Tristyn how to get him ready... it turned out real well


Everyone is right - go to have fun and learn. Don't worry about winning ... when you do it will just be a great bonus!

If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask other people showing or the steward. Most people are very glad to answer even what you might consider to be something you should know.

Let us know how you do!!
[SIZE=14pt]Thanks every one.I will have loads of fun and will try to remember your advice!![/SIZE]

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