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Feb 3, 2007
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Deleon Springs, FL
This is my very first foal that I just happened to wake up and find on Febuary 17th 2008. She was still wet and new and probably no more than an hour old. Here are some pictures of her two and three days old. She was 16" tall at birth! (Is that normal??) She's looking lighter in color now but I think she'll look like her mom when she grows up. Her mom is dapple grey and 31.75" and her sire is 27.5" and sorrel. I was and still am in shock and so in love!!

Her name is **Amira** She's a miracle..


Oh my God!!! I would have to take that baby to bed with me under the covers!!! I'm so jelous... My mare and first baby ever was supposed to be due in September, but weefoal says negative even though she is huge. Congrats on the cutest baby ever!!!!!!

Hi there, cute filly. I believe she is showing a few signs of being a dwarf however. She is cute, congrats
What a special little filly, and I agree, she does look like a dwarf.
Love her color! Have fun with her and love her lots! I know you will

She's really sweet. She's definately a dwarf, unfortunately.
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She's really sweet. She's definately a dwarf, unfortunately.
I thought that the big forehead was a good thing.. I was thiniking you might be saying that because of the picture of her toungue sticking out because she dosent always look like that.. that was her first drink of milk..

So what exactly does dwarf mean?
She has several dwarf characteristics in my opinion. Her fore arms are too short, her knees are to big, her forehead is to big. She is awful down on her pasturns in the rear. How is her mouth? Is her bite off? Does she have a very short neck?

If she is a true dwarf, she will need special care and should never ever be bred. There is someone on the forum here, WW Minis, I believe that can give you plenty of wonderful help and advice.

There is a lot of advice on the Dwarfism in Miniatures Forum.
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See the dwarf discussion forum (is it still up?? I dont remember) for more information ...


Your filly is adorable!!! I don't know that I've ever seen a foal who looked more huggable

I do agree that she has the dwarf characteristics others have pointed out, but I do think she's a precious one and I know you love her very much (and so would I if she were mine)
She is precious and I would be very proud to have her. I already love her just looking at her pics.
[SIZE=12pt]She looks like an absolute cuddlebug! The littlest ones are the ones that truly capture your heart
She is adorable....
Would love to see more pics of her, she is sooo tiny!
thanks for all your replies..

i will try to get some current pictures of her

can dwarfs that dont have any major problems be shown?

my vet has looked at her several times and said she is looking better and better... should i buy her corrective shoes?
I agree with the others, she is a dwarf. Another characteristic is the highly placed nostrils. As she grows he dwarfism wii become more apparent.

Dwarves are not eligible for registration, and no, they shouldn't be shown. The goal of a halter horse is to breed for foals that come closest to the breed standard. A judge should excuse a dwarf from the ring.

Just love her as a pet for as long as she lives.
She is just adorable!
You will find that the dwarfs are even more lovable than the regular minis! They have special personalities. Just love and enjoy her! There are "Magic Shoes" you can get to help her feet. I had a little dwarf and they worked great for him.

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