My dad had a seizure

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Oct 31, 2004
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Quebec, Canada
Today went to visit my mom, walked into the door, sayed hi to her and was the closest to the phone when it rang, was my older brother Shawn, all I heard was Dad, heart attack, hospital as he was crying so much. Anyway we jumped in my car, my mom, future sister in law and I. My older brother was outside bawling so we thought, no he is dead. Anyway rushed into the emergency room and waited for news. My older brother said it was a good thing he was driving and not my dad and that he was only 5 minutes from the hospital when it happened. Anyway the doctor finally came out, told us a little bit and went back in. Then my younger brother came, he was driving truck(Montreal to Sherbrooke route). After a few hours my brothers and sister in law left. The doctor finally came out and said they would have to ship my dad by ambulance to a bigger hospital about a hour away. The doctor said he will not die so that is good. My mom and I got to see my dad for about 10 minutes. He knew we were there and wiggled quite a bit and my mom held his hand and he squeezed it hard. I really hope he is going to be alright.

Edited to add it is not a heart attack and all his vital signs are good. The only thing is they have to breath for him as he has trouble breathing on his own.
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I'm sorry about your father. Thank goodness he was near the hospital when it happened. Prayers for your dad and your family.
Please let us know how he is doing. I will keep you, your family and Dad in my prayers!

Could it be possible he had a stroke? My mom has had two bad ones, and she is doing all right. Got back almost all of her mobility, and only minor residual effects. I will keep your father in my prayers. I'm glad it was not a heart attack.
I am sorry to hear he is down, but glad it wasnt a heart attack..

Sending prayers and (((HUGS))) your way..
Prayers for your dad - keep us posted as you can.

I'm SO SORRY to hear about your dad! I sure hope he will be ok and have a full recovery!

My thoughts & prayers will be with you & your family!
I am so sorry...please when you get a chance let us know how he is doing. Sending prayers!
Well my dad is now breathing on his own. His voice is raspy. He can talk as well. Will know more tommorow as the test results are supposed to be back then.

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