My 5 yr old daughter trying to help!!!!!!!!

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capall beag

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May 20, 2005
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York Beach, Maine originally from Ireland!
I was trying to take a couple of pics of this young mare as I have been trying to put weight on her and wanted to see how she looked on camera!

My 5 year old daughter was my helper! I told her to try and hold the treat up high!

She did her very best on her tippy toes!!!


My mare said "Just give me the treat!!!!!!!!!"

I think my daughter did a pretty good job!

I was told she was a creme buckskin and she does have appy characteristics!

Any thought on this, do you think this is an accurste color!

Excuse funny clip job I was just trying to get rid of stray hairs!!
Great picture.

You may want to consider it on Equusite site.


She is SO pretty! Tell us about her Fiona!
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Thats a real cute picture and a real cute helper! I'll bet you have alot of fun with the minis and the kids loving them so much.
Hey, your daughter is a regular little presenter! Not everyone can get a horse to stretch their necks like that!

She is SO pretty! Tell us about her Fiona!
Who my daughter or the mare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can't really see my daughter!

This is my oldest daughter who is 5 and she will help when asked but the horses are my hobby and I am pretty much left to it!! I convinced her to help me for a minute! They love to hang out with me when I am working on the horses, I want them to LOVE horses but don't want to push it!!

This is my mare Sissi and I am so Happy with how she is turning out! She arrived looking less than pretty and healthy, that is for sure! But she is blossoming, every day she looks better. She is 2 years old and MOST importantly she trusts and loves me now!!! She was very headshy and nippy when I got her and did not trust anyone BUT now she wanders quietly after me in the pasture. So wonderful to see them come along! She was very underweight but I think she is improving. She has a beautiful shine to her coat, these pics were in the pasture but a quick groom and she really looks pretty.

This mare seems to do the stretch naturally because I don't know how to get them to stretch either! Maybe my daughter knows something I don't!!
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Wow, Sissi is looking so nice and healthy! Kudos to you for bringing her around. I remember what she looked like a few months ago when she first arrived and the change is simply stunning! I hope Nissi produces another beauty like her, as it'll be a definite keeper. That gorgeous neck is sure a trademark of her daddy's foals!

Thanks so much for sharing! You're daughter looks perplexed, but happy!

Take care!

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Thanks Cindy for that!

You know she does look so good now! With a quick brush she looks even nicer!!

That is funny what you say about my daughter and very true! She didn't realise she could give the treat to Sissi!! They are peppermint treats and my horses love them! julia, my daughter was doing her best to keep it out of her reach!! Kids are so funny!!

I hope you get a beautiful baby like Sissi!! You will !!
Wow, that filly REALLY has come a long way!! I am soooooo glad you got her away from "the place" she had been before!! She definitely has her daddy's LONG neck and beautiful shoulder. And since her sire is a son of Orion Light Van't Huttenest, she comes by those Appy traits honestly.

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