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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
I know this sounds crazy, but for the past couple weeks when i've been driving Coco i've put headphones on him w/ music. My mom made me this thing that goes on his harness so the cd player can sit in it. It calms him down when i take him on the road. I got the idea bc i take him on the road daily bc i live out in the country on a little road and we never really get car's on here exept when there is a tornado or something it seems. But we do get some and coco gets scared usually. The music has really helped. Usually 1cd = 1 workout in the buggy. Thats how it works. I know he cant hear my clicks or voice commands but he does so much better and it seems to calm him. He likes Kenny Chesney. lol

sounds fun!

i love contry

I made some pom poms (trick I learned from showing Q.H.) and stick those in their ears it deadens the sound but they can still hear you. I also have a cd player with little speakers I put in a fanny pack, we can both hear it that way. Isn't driving a BLAST!
WEll! Now I'm jealous! Can just picture a quiet cool drive on a sunny Fall morning and we still don't have our cart!

Our gelding drives so I'm told, and we can't wait to get started but must wait since we just bought the two minis and a horse trailer

Waiting for our turn,


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